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Comment Re:Sign me up... maybe. (Score 1) 603

I agree completely (AC here, forgot to sign in). However as was pointed out by myself and others, if you're plugging the car in it's not a hard problem to solve.

Still, your fuel economy shouldn't be dropping that much. Have you considered a block warmer? Here's one for the Prius. Setting your tires at sidewall pressure and covering the bottom grill (top grill on pre-2010 models) will also yield improvements.

Comment Not in source. (Score 1) 377

ETC group supports the adoption of a moratorium on geoengineering following the draft decisions recommended by SBSTTA 14, and emphasizes that if any exception is made for research, it must be clearly confined to laboratory research and computer modeling and that all in-situ (real world) experiments fall under the moratorium.

The application of the precautionary principle via a moratorium on geoengineering deployment and experiments in the field is the most fundamental step that the Parties to the CBD should take in order to ensure the protection of biological diversity from the potential dangers posed by these technologies

ETC's justification is that any real-world research would either be A) on such a large scale that it would be the same as the "real thing," or B) too small to reveal potential downsides.

Comment Jef Raskin (1943-2005) (Score 3, Informative) 136

>Jef Raskin. Then: Macintosh project creator, founder of Information Appliance. His excellent web site is still up. Author of well-respected book The Humane Interface. The project he's working on in PaW, the SwyftCard, was a minor success.

RIP Jef. On a lighter note, check out his son's work at Humanized

Edit: Looks like he just updated it. I guess someone informed him of Raskin's departure...

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