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Comment Re:Why not get some certs? (Score 1, Flamebait) 186

This. There is something seriously alarming about someone who wants IT certs in order to become a frigging psychologist.

If there were two more divergent fields I am not aware of it.

A personal observation - the most incompetent group of end users I have seen overall is people who have their PhDs and insist on being called "Doctor" - these folks shouldn't be let near a keyboard.

Comment Re:It's already out there... (Score 1) 622

(btw, this isn't directed to AmazingRuss specifically - just an elaboration) Well, sure - if I knew my video would cause violence, I would not release it.

I'm not defending the video in the least. The guy sounds like a class A asshole. What I am defending is the right to have it uploaded, and the right for people to protest against what they believe in. Just not the right to violence.

Your right to act as you will stops when it invades my little sphere of being.

I remember going to vote a few months ago. Walking home, I passed an older man that was peering at the voting posted a few blocks away. I asked him if he was going to vote - he muttered back to me "I never vote". I cheerfully replied that wasn't it nice that we lived in a country where he had that choice - he didn't respond and I wasn't looking to provoke him into a discourse on the matter. Just wanted to give him something to think about.

I also realize that the US is not everywhere else in the world - people think and act differently based on their upbringing and their surroundings, and it should. The US is too involved with things are they are. However, I am hard pressed to cite anyone credible that advocates violence as an answer to non violence. Freedom of speech should be a universal right - many may not agree with me. But isn't it nice that we have a lovely forum like this to express our views on? ;)

Comment Re:It's already out there... (Score 5, Interesting) 622

Nor should they. There is freedom of speech in the US, and Google is a US based company. I have little sympathy for those "revolting" in other countries over stuff like this. Muslims who kill because their beliefs are mocked by others are horrible. Catholics who bomb abortion clinics and kill workers there are horrible. Germans who supported ethnic cleansing back in the day were/are horrible. In short, once you start to affect other people with violence, you turn horrible.

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