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Comment Re:it seems like the switching system failed (Score 1) 183

Hehe - normally I'd agree, but Pepco did all right last night as far as am concerned. I flickered for about 2 seconds last night, but I'm in the downtown Capitol Wastelands - I don't know what grid I'm on but it seems to be a good one. Oh - and yay for personal UPSes! They did what they should have done.

Comment Re:Voyager (Score 1) 634

Starting with J.J is cool visually, but when they enjoy it, its hard to explain "well glad you liked it, but that's not the way things happened over the last 45 or so years", then toss them into the rest of the ST universe. J.J. is for someone who you have to have sit through a sci-fi flick, not for someone who you are introducing to the franchise itself.

Comment Re:wow ... (Score 1) 215

I have to agree with my esteemed colleague on this one. Article was a waste and a self-blowjob to the article writer. Yay I got interviews at MS and Google and I'm not even a Senior yet! Look at me look at me! Oh, I won't mention what even my major is or display any actual geek cred - this is my ivory tower dammit and I'll look down if i want to!

Submission + - Microsoft's Penis Song Faces Stiff Criticism at NDC (

Deekin_Scalesinger writes: “I got the skills to impress, I’m a computer genius. The words “Micro” and “Soft” don’t apply to my penis,” beamed the vocals of a bubblegum dance song during an entertainment break at the annual conference last week. Meanwhile, the lyrics were flashed karaoke style in the front of the stage for the crowd to sing along to as dancers moved to the beat erratically.

The performance itself was given by the dancing Windows Azure girls.

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