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Comment Re:Not concerned (Score 1) 459

There is something to be said for my being born when I was (also having a natively geeky bent to me didn't hurt either). I was born in '72, saw my first movie in the theater in '77 (Star Wars, yay!) played my first video game (Night Driver, yay!) in '79, went to my first computer camp in '81, banging on an Apple ][.

I don't know if I am a digital native - I think of it more like I was a babe on the Mayflower. Lucky me!

Comment Re:Let's be fair here. (Score 1) 83

(and yes, I suppose I am giving too big of a hint to the Powers That Be concerning my whereabouts, but truth be told, I'd relish the battle. As a card carrying member of the EFF and a couple of other organizations, it would thrill me to find out how it would go down. Since I don't do anything "wrong", I say bring it on!)

Comment Re:Need more Tor (Score 1) 83

Same with VPN service in the Middle East. Super unlikely they'll know WHAT you are sending, but the mere existence of VPN service in some of those countries means a very bad day for the hapless end user. Having run VPN services worldwide for people in this predicament, I have a good understanding of this (sadly).

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