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Comment Re: tell me again (Score 2) 1105

If the Dakar rally, World Cup, or World Series of Poker were bombed, we'd hear about that too. Bombings of sporting events make news no matter in the world they are...this is not a US story, this is a world event.

Look at how many different nationalities are represented in a top level marathon - the Olympics are the only more diversified sport event I can think ok.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 299

And I meant this comment to the story submitter. Maybe yes, more VM specific distros are needed, but without knowing what you are looking for, how can we help? You state you have a specific environment yet want more off the shelf options. Er, which is it? For what? Come on /. admins, please edit or revise before posting story nonsense.

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