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Comment Re:Web Workers (Score 5, Insightful) 505

I'll get hate from the programmers but fuck it, truth is truth. Wanna know what is wrong with JavaScript? The entire damned concept, that is what!

I mean think about it, if I told you "I have an idea! Just to get some information you are gonna have to run strange code from over a dozen places, you don't know these places, if they have malware, you have to trust ALL these places or you can't have the information" you'd say that is seriously fucking STUPID, wouldn't you? That is how modern ad driven web works, calling shit from God knows where with zero control or fine grained permissions, its all run by default....STUPID.

What we need is either a new language built from the ground up with the realization that there are seriously nasty people out there trying to fuck your systems up, or JavaScript seriously needs a rewrite with the modern situation in mind. As it is now everybody keeps trying to fix the bullet wounds of failed design with bandaids like sandboxing, low rights mode, but at the end of the day the very concept of clicking on a link and suddenly getting code from a dozen sites you don't know and executing that code? its just a dumb idea.

Comment Re:Using encryption is the better option (Score 4, Informative) 128

Not to mention it appears they are still using voodoo like having to degauss drives instead of simply wiping them.

Nobody has yet to show they managed to get back even a single file from a modern drive after it has had a simple zero wipe yet all these "security sites" still hold onto old wive's tales that haven't been true since the days of the MFM drives! Protip: The reason you could recover files from those old drives? The motors were VERY inaccurate and could slip the tracks, thus leaving tracks after an erase cycle. A modern drive have tracks sooo small there is no way in hell its gonna be missing tracks, you'd know there were issues because the drive would fail before it would miss a track.

So I wonder how long voodoo from the age of DOS is gonna be taken as fact? An encrypted drive with a single wipe would insure there was zero data to recover and wouldn't be based on 30+ year old info, it would also deal with the real issue, the fact that there is no way to securely wipe an SSD that I know of, because SSDs don't "erase", just mark sectors as available to minimize writes.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 96

Well from what I've seen it appears that this is the case, some users have been using the same lame passwords all over the place, with some of them foolish enough to use their yahoo mail AND their Yahoo mail password on some third party website and naturally when the website got boned the spammers starting trying out the passwords, hence the reset.

Anyway that is what I'm seeing at the shop, the customers that don't use the same password at every site aren't seeing any resets, neither have I and I have 3 yahoo accounts, but those that recycle the hell out of passwords are the ones having to do a reset. i really don't see how this can be blamed on yahoo, anymore than one should blame Windows for those morons that fall for the "Install this "codex" to see teh big tittiez!" malware scam.

The moral of the story? You can reset passwords but you just can't fix stupid.

Comment Re:Generalizing much? (Score 1) 143

Hell even the Wikipedia page they link to sucks, as it gives Ferdinand this credit "Porsche was an important contributor to the German war effort during World War II"..yeah, help to the allies! The amount of resources Porsche wasted on the Porsche Panzer and Porsche Tiger was just insane and as far as the Elefant? White Elefant more like it, but this video spells out the laundry list of fail that was the Ferdinand better than I can.

As for TFA? Who didn't know there were electric cars in the old days? before ICE became standardized pretty much everything was tried, from Steam to electric to every kind of fuel it was all tried at least once. Just as tablets were sold a decade before Apple figured out the right combo of UI and size so too did everyone see that a replacement for the horse would make a bloody mint, it just took Ford to figure out how to make one "good enough" and affordable to the masses. Its a cool bit of history but it wasn't anything "revolutionary", and while TFA is light on details I bet it was the battery that ultimately made it dead end, just as the pure electrics are today for those not living in a megacity.

Comment Re:Value (Score 1) 231

BULLSHIT. Go to the wayback machine and look at a thread from 2003 (if they bothered to back any up) and compare to now. There hasn't been a thread reach 100 count in a good 4 years whereas before it was almost a daily occurrence and certainly a weekly one.

As for ACs? Again BULLSHIT, all ACs have done is make it so any troll or shill can derail a thread by simply sockpuppeting a couple of posts to make sure nobody talks bad about their employers! Go look at ANY story about the big three, Google,MSFT, or Apple, and see how quickly the ACs derail the threads, hell when it came to xbone you were lucky if you got more than 2 posts before an AC tried to switch the subject to Apple or Sony o ANYTHING other than the royal fucking the users were gonna get from the draconian policies MSFT was pushing.

So I'm sorry but it doesn't have a damned thing to do with nostalgia, it has to do with what was once a tech site becoming just another 4chan only frankly not as entertaining.

Comment Re:More reprsentative stats please (Score 1) 390

Oh please! The only ones that stabbed Netscape in the back WAS NETSCAPE, by putting out that abortion that was NS4. For those too young to have experienced it let me describe what running NS4 was like....Oh yay, its installed! So I'll just go to my favorite web.../crash/. oh well must have been a glitch, it happens. So I'll just go.../crash/. Huh, maybe it just don't like that site so I'll go.../hang followed by BSOD/..&^%*&%&^%!!!!!

How soon folks forget that you had to actually go out and download those first versions of IE, and download we did, NOT because we liked IE but because Netscape put out a broken mess! At least today we have choices, back then it was NS, IE, or a buggy ad ridden version of Opera that didn't work with most, what a great selection we had. And for the record I don't use IE, after screwing us by letting IE 6 rot I switched away never to return.

Comment Re:Value (Score 2) 231

What is sad to me (and I personally blame the allowing of AC posts and broken mod system, but that's another story) is how much lower the quality of threads are now. In the golden age the only AC posts you got were in the Penisbird GNAA vein and the majority of posts were insightful and would delve quite deeply into a subject. I remember being a part of 300+ threads on the advantages and disadvantages of various file systems, 200+ threads on string theory where guys from CERN would break down some of the more heady stuff for laymen like myself, hell even if you didn't agree you LEARNED and left knowing more than you knew before you got here.

Now? Now the only thing you'll learn is that Shill/Troll/Astroturfer is shorthand for "you disagree with me", that thanks to being able to AC bomb a thread its trivially easy for a real shill to divert a thread away from a topic negative to the parent corp, and that no matter what the topic or thread it quickly degrades into a 4chan level of posts, usually trashed by AC trolls spewing insults thus making sure no thread lasts beyond a couple dozen posts.

Sigh I've been looking high and low for a site that is actually nerdy but it seems like all the nerd sites have been replaced by Digg/Reddit/ FB style garbage. Surely there has to be a place out there where geeks can talk about science and tech without it being ruined by the channers, anybody know of such a place? OSNews is good for a few topics but holwerda rules the roost so only things he personally likes/dislikes will ever be there, surely there is someplace like the old /. out there?

Comment Re:Pffft (Score 1) 723

We call that "penny wise and pound foolish" as I have NO doubt that when you crunch the numbers Atlanta just pissed down the drain several times what it would have cost to just show some common damned sense and shut things down when they should have.

In my area when the ice hit last month we went the exact opposite, we had salt trucks ready to go, we had city workers cutting down any limbs near lines, we had the local hotel full of electric company workers, did this cost money? Yep but ya know what? While other counties were having to send police to pick up little old ladies and ferry them to makeshift shelters because the power was out we didn't lose squat, we all sat in our nice warm homes and enjoyed Xmas.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail and because Atlanta was counting pennies they now will end up losing millions. Smart move Atlanta, maybe next time you'll err on the side of caution!

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 388

This does provide us with a most excellent opportunity though, in that it allows us to see which "news organizations" are really just Pravda style government mouthpieces. Take the whole bit with Assange, all those that INSTANTLY jumped from what the Wikileaks files showed about US dirty dealing to "ZOMFG he didn't use a condom, he's a rapist ZOMFG!" the second they got the chance to change the subject? Are just propaganda mouthpieces and if you look at their later work under that light its all the more obvious.

So just look for the ones that aren't saying a word about the NSA but are instead running "Is Snowden X?" with X being anything from traitor to spy to see which ones are just propaganda shops, but frankly the whole bit with Assange should have made it clear, this is merely confirmation at this point.

Kinda sad that we have gone from making fun of Soviet style mass scale media propaganda to having it ourselves, but maybe the whole "If you live long enough you become the villain" bit is true. I know it sure as hell doesn't look or act like the country I grew up in, or my grandfather fought Nazis to protect, that's for sure.

Comment Re:Or he's just another (Score 2) 388

You are forgetting we have tactical nukes that can take out as little as a couple blocks, just perfect for a false flag. As for why they would use them? Because when the stock bubble bursts the US dollar will be worth about as much as a Zimbabwe buck and they'll have a re-enactment of the French revolution on their hands.

Why have they gotten away with all the shit they have pulled the past decade with barely a peep from the populace? Bread and circuses, a concept as old as empires. With the exception of the teabag nutters (who think they are all Andrew Ryan and can build a Randian "utopia" if they were just allowed to stomp them peasants, idiots forget the poor outnumber them a good 150k to 1) those in power know that a well fed and entertained populace is a docile one, hard to get somebody with a full belly and a roof over their head to riot.

That is all gonna change when the bubble pops, without being able to just print paychecks for the poor they are gonna have millions of people with no jobs, homes, no reason not to riot and THAT is when things will get ugly. I personally think the military will be the X factor, I know many soldiers and they care about the constitution, not protecting the riches of the elite. If they try to roll the tanks it is quite possible they will end up with another Libya, where half the military turned on their commanders.

Comment Re:Snowden Case is Polarizing (Score 2) 388

Exactly and to blame Snowden is as ridiculous as blaming Assange for Blackwater, the USA CHOSE to cover up for scumbags, the NSA CHOSE to fuck over our friends by treating them no differently than we treated the USSR back in the day, all Assange and Snowden did was highlight how US taxpayer money was being flushed down the shitter.

This is why our two party system just doesn't work, because what we've seen is there is NO party for decreased spying and less government, NONE. What we need is a "USA First" party, one dedicated to staying the hell out of everybody else's business and taking care of our own people instead of propping up third world dictators. Instead we get "big bro" or "big mommy", two sides to the same wooden nickel.

Comment Re:Despite it's name (Score 1) 168

Dude go buy an AMD Bobcat board and chunk that turkey, its just pissing through the power. the bobcat gives you dual cores at 1.7GHz (and an HD6310 if you care to do any GP-GPU tasks) and under full load it sucks less power than your P4 does idling by a good 400%+ (max on bobat is just 18w).

So unless the power is cheap to free there you'd be better off tossing the P4, netburst was a dead end that didn't give a shit about anything but raw clocks. The Atom can stomp a netburst P4 for the love of pete, those huge pipelines made its IPC just crazy low so all that power you are sucking? Just wasted energy, might as well be running a hot plate. The athlons from that period were decent, the first gen Core solo and duo were nice, but the one exception I make at the shop is netburst, that shit get relegated to the "get this cheap shit outta here" junk pile because that is what it is. you can get a Bobcat board for $80 and the increased IPC and lower power and heat will quickly pay for itself, toss the turkey man.

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