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Comment Re:Google and Android (Score 1) 303

The change in the TOS was nearly a year before G+ was rolled out and has others below you have pointed out they are making android into another proprietary OS and by ramming G+ down your throat with damned near every service the profile they can build on you is Stasi levels of scary. If you use Gmail and YouTube and give up and log in to YouTube they know what kind of shows you like, what kind of music you listen to, YouTube was very separate from Gmail and Google for precisely that reason and Google USED to talk about how well they protect their users while using that as an example.

So anybody who claims someone who no longer trusts Google is an Astroturfer? Sorry but they need to stop sucking Gdick and look at what the company has been doing the last couple of years. If I said a company knows where you are, when you are home, what music and shows you like, who your friends are, where they live, that sounds like something out of 1984, right? That is simply what a Google services user with an Android phone has already divulged without even knowing it.

There are several articles out there showing how much intel Google has on their users, wouldn't want to be called an astroturfer though so I'm sure you can look it up, might want to use Duck DuckGo to do that search, just FYI.

Comment Re:Hrm... (Score 1) 354

But just like in the battle of France the generals had a good blitzkrieg run going with army group center, such a good run that the supply trucks were having trouble keeping up, but by splitting up army group Center instead of letting the run play out he ended up with 1.- 2 severely weak armies, not capable of fighting past any real resistance without great cost, and 2.- TWO badly stretched supply lines and not enough trucks to feed either one with vital fuel.

If the generals would have done to Hitler what they did in France and just keep him in the dark with old intel they probably could have taken Moscow before Hitler was the wiser and with Stalin as their prisoner they wouldn't have had any problem taking the south.Ever watch "Fatherland"? because that map was based on what many historians thought would have happened if they had captured Moscow and Stalin, they had a small pocket fighting in the Urals near the recently moved tank and plane factories while the center and south of the country would have given up due to lack of munitions and material which was all in the north. By sending every last factory to the Urals Stalin took a BIG risk, if Moscow and the middle of the country was cut off everybody in the south would have been left without so much as a single tank factory so by grabbing Moscow and splitting the country in two it would have been all but over.

Comment Re:Wait, WTF? (Score 1) 195

Considering we already have 2 people (that I know of, probably more) in jail for thoughtcrime*? I think we can safely say the constitution is now a worthless piece of paper. Also more than 174 million Americans live in the constitution free zone thanks to PATRIOT they can have any and all rights ignored because they are near a border. Finally according to a friend in the state crime lab because the distribution laws in most states were modeled after the drug distribution laws (you can decide whether by malice or pure lazy) which completely ignores the fact that physical rules don't work with bits and bytes it really doesn't matter if like Tor or Freenet you have ZERO access, or that the bits are encrypted, because the bits "changed hands" like a dope deal YOU ARE GUILTY and until/unless the laws are rewritten to take the fact they aren't physical objects into account anybody that runs Tor exit nodes or Freenet at all is looking at decades to life in prison with pretty much no way to defend yourself because hey, the bits did "change hands" from user A to user B at your router which is in your house, that is all that's needed.

*.- The first is the guy who wrote the "pro pedo" book, no pics, no evidence he had ever done anything other than put his thoughts on the subject on paper which if that isn't the very definition of thoughtcrime i don't know what is, the other is a guy that was busted at the border with a "thought diary" his therapist told him to keep, again no pics, no evidence he had done anything other than write his dreams and fantasies down onto paper. I guess you better not write in your diary about that hot dream you had unless you start it off with "I carded her and she was 21" to keep from going to jail,huh?

Comment Re:NO, no no! (Score 2) 195

Who would fight whom?

That's a serious question. What two (or more) large groups of Americans would organize themselves into armies of any respectable amount of strength?

Anyone trying to fight a loyal US military would get squashed faster than you can say "daisy cutter", I don't care how many M-16s and RPGs you have in your basement bunker. Maybe mutiny, turning the US Army into God's Army? Or how about Walmart and Monsanto *really* putting the competition out of business?

The states that keep threatening secession: Would we go to war to keep them, or just tell them not to let the door hit 'em where the Lord split 'em?

What's most likely is that the next civil war will be manufactured by the people selling arms to both sides.

Comment Re:So a good match... (Score 1) 354

I'd say it really comes down to pilot training more than anything. Sure not having the missile would cripple the F22...if all the pilot knows how to do is spam missiles.

For a perfect example watch "Dogfights of the Middle East" where for the first half of the program the Israelis are fighting with a bomber interceptor (Mirage 3 & 5) against enemies in the MUCH more agile MiG 17s and 19s. at the end of the day the IAF pilots were hyper aggressive, refused to disengage once homed on an enemy, and just wouldn't let an enemy go. I'll never forget one scene where a pilot talks about having to "talk down" a rookie who is so damned determined to nail a MiG he is about to stall as he is trying to stay behind a MiG landing on the runway!

At the end of the day the tech can make things easier, and nothing can help if the planes are truly gimped (The Imperial navy not having self sealing fuel tanks making one hit kills quite easy for even slow USAAF dive bombers for example) but if you have even a halfway functional plane and a damned good pilot? Even today that still matters a lot.

Comment Re:Hrm... (Score 4, Interesting) 354

Actually even the Russians admit the Germans were kicking their asses for the first year, until Hitler made a huge blunder that was practically suicidal. Stalin had refused to vacate Moscow so they had the chance to grab him and pretty much end the war but Hitler took Army group Center and split it in half, believing he could grab the oil fields in the south AND Moscow. this was a foolish move that caused his troops to get bogged down until the winter which they just weren't ready for.

Look up "Soviet Storm" on YouTube, its made by Russian TV and is as good a quality as Battle 360 when it comes to re-enactments and they don't pull any punches, they talk about when soviet strategy was wrong, when commanders failed, and when the Germans were doing well. its an unblinking look at the Eastern front and pretty damned riveting.

Comment Re:Google and Android (Score 1, Interesting) 303

Oh please, if you aren't happy with Google now you are an astroturfer? Fanboy much?

Lets see...they made the TOS nastier, so they could monetize the hell out of you, have gotten so bad at bugging the piss out of YouTube users to use G+ that I've had to install a browser just for YouTube so Google couldn't bug the piss out of me, and the amount of tying everything to your user account has gotten so creepy and stalkerish that i made a throw away Gmail for my Android so it would stop trying to dump G+ from my main Gmail onto my phone.

Yep no reason to be upset or unhappy with Google right now, they are doubleplus good citizen!

Comment Re:Why do free contracting work? (Score 1) 1098

Oh good lord can you BE any more commie? Why don't you add "you didn't build that" and "from each according to his ability" while you were at it? If you want to follow your "logic" then it all belongs to Intel and the electric company, after all there wouldn't be any code without electricity and a CPU would there?

Communism failed comrade, and trying to apply communism to software development will likewise fail. the ONLY reason Linux and the GPL got as far as it did was GPL V2 left a loophole you could drive a mac truck through and by making GPL V3 so anti capitalism RMS made damned sure it will keep losing devs. Again where is the Bioshock? Carmack has given you all these engines, what has your communist design philosophy created with them? Dozens of MP only CTF Q3 Arena ripoffs, that is what. ZERO innovation, ZERO new ideas, because nobody can work on a quality FOSS videogame without starving.

At the end of the day devs have to pay their bills and RMS has made that as hard as he possibly can, probably because he is a failed programmer. Oh and before you say eMacs and GCC please note that neither has had a single drop of RMS code added in over a decade, both were forked away from RMS a decade ago and to keep from being made to look like a fool and irrelevant he "blessed" the forks. There is a REASON why LO isn't up to MSO 2K3, which the bookkeeping software isn't up to the very first release of QB, its because you can't have any real money sunk into those and ever see a cent back.

BTW it might do you wel to see where the money for Linux devs is coming from, its over 96% from large corps using it in servers and nearly every dime is going into server apps and work on the kernel that is useful for servers. this is why the desktop is so far behind, why Google had to spend over a billion dollars to bring Linux up enough to use it for Android, its because whether you like it or not communism simply doesn't work. How do YOU think the devs should be paid? the state? A tax on every person to pay for this "free" software? To me the fact that the spokesman for the GPL is a squatter at MIT (his own words) that doesn't own anything but the clothes on his back? Better proof than all the words in the world on how communism simply doesn't work.

Comment Re:Confusing Summary (Score 3, Insightful) 65

Which is why you had better be wealthy and without family if you plan on running an exit node or use Freenet, as the way it was explained to me by a friend in the state crime lab anybody whose system accesses CP (which is easy for the cops to find out as they often leave CP sites running after they bust them as honeypots, they simply replace the video files with junk while leaving the screencaps up to entice the pedo to try to download the vids) is legally distributing, doesn't matter if they could actually see the files or even if they were encrypted, if it passes through your IP address to somewhere else its distribution.

This is why I've been saying for years to ALWAYS fight against expanding the CP laws, as the ones that have been on the books since the 70s worked perfectly fine and they purposely make the new ones as vague as possible to cast the widest net. If you want proof just look at the 2 guys in prison now for thoughtcrimes. 1 wrote the supposedly "pro pedo" book, no pics, no telling people to go rape kids, just his thoughts on the subject written down sent him to jail and with the other one his own therapist told him to write down his fantasies and thoughts so they could discuss them, again NO evidence that they were anything but fantasies, no CP found, he was thrown in jail simply for words on a page.

If this doesn't scare the hell out of everybody I don't know what will, we literally have thoughtcrimes landing people in jail and simply trying to help dissidents in China and Syria can literally send you to prison for life and even if you manage to fight back and win in court it will break you, cost you years, probably your job and friendships. I don't know about everybody else but this isn't the country my grandfather fought for in WWII, in fact its looking more and more like the country he fought against.

Comment Re:So a good match... (Score 5, Insightful) 354

And its all because of that damned stealth which cripples the HELL out of the aircraft! The ONLY advantage it gives you is on sneaking up, that's it, and in return for the sneaking up? 1.- no external hardpoints means you can't carry shit for stores, 2.- this cuts down loiter times to joke levels, 3.- it limits your new toy to a couple of missiles at best, 4.- it drives the costs to insane levels thanks to the exotic materials and perfectly flush seams required.

Frankly we are making the same mistake that Germany made in WWII, as we are making planes that are extremely complex, have very low flight to maintenance ratios, spend more time on the ground being worked on than anything else,can't afford to have more than a handful built making spare parts costs soar, and are ignoring the fact that any potential enemies are gonna be able to pick up the MiG 29s and SU35s for a song thus enabling them to "plane spam" us with planes that can carry a hell of a lot more stores than our techno turkies ever can.

If we HAVE to buy stealth toys? The stealth eagle can be had for a song, eagles are reliable, when you don't need the stealth it can carry a ton of stores and most importantly we get the line cranked we could easily have 2 or even 3 of those for every F35 which they STILL haven't been able to show will actually work with any reliability. Its the F22 all over again and all TFA does is show me that stealth is just a bad idea with current tech. the Chinese are likewise finding this out, with their F22 copy ending up on the "for sale cheap" pile because after trying it the Chinese air force don't want it.

Comment Re:Confusing Summary (Score 4, Interesting) 65

Not to mention we have seen several cases in the past couple of years of users having their computer equipment confiscated for running TOR exit nodes by grabbing them for CP distribution, who is to say that when they get their PC back it doesn't have a little "extra hardware" to keep an eye on TOR users?

But you should be able to test without risking lives, have those using the exit nodes go to a "political website" that has an address that nobody would come up with by accident and see if that site after using supposedly "good" nodes suddenly has a jump in activity.

Comment Re:Bigness destroys companies (Score 1) 113

Why is this modded offtopic? Seems about as ontopic as one can get and something many of us here have been talking about. Google USED to be this cool "throw cool shit at the wall and see what sticks" kind of company but in the last couple of years...they have started getting nasty. The nasty changes in the TOS, the nasty ways of trying to force you to use G+ whether you want it or not... its gotten so bad I now have a "YouTube browser" just to keep from getting that damned popup trying to get me to tie my real name to G+ and YouTube and had to make a throwaway account for my android phone.

I'm sorry guys but Google just ain't the cool fun nerdy company they was, ever since the IPO and G+ its been about squeezing every last penny out of the users to drum up the stock price, not about just making money off doing cool stuff. How much you wanna bet its gonna turn out to be tied to the "exciting new feature" of tying G+ circle crap into Gmail they recently rolled out?

I swear Brin has a bigger chubby for that crappy G+ than Ballmer has for Metro and in both cases its a giant DO NOT WANT but sadly its not about the users in both cases, its about "gotta beat the FB and make teh monies!" for one and "gotta beat the iPad and make teh monies!" for the other.

Comment Re:OK... (Score 1) 205

I don't see what you are babbling about, as both posts are 100% in agreement with one another. The other posters were pissed about the user having the choice to run non free, and with BSD it doesn't make a damned what you, me, or the "big bad corp" does as the project is still there, its not "taken", its not going away, they are applying FUD and doublespeak when there are so many insanely successful BSD projects (If you'd like an example I'd point to Webkit which arguably runs on much more devices than Linux ever has) that there is more than enough proof the "ZOMG they'll TAKE TEH CODEZ!!" FUD is just that, FUD.

But the fact that you yourself admit that what you look for is the MOST restricting license frankly says more than I ever could, because its not enough that you share something that might make another person's life a little easier, you have to make absolutely sure "the other guy", the one who doesn't think exactly like you or believe like you believe, can't touch your "precious". That to me just shows the kind of mindset that the GPLers have and its really sad, because it went from a way to share to St. iGNUcious and the church of GPL.

I honestly don't even know what to say to someone with an attitude as nasty as that, other than its not healthy and maybe you should talk to somebody. Its a license not a religion, and if all you care about is making sure only people that think like you use it? Well I personally won't have to worry about ever running into your code at least as I doubt it'll be used by many.

Comment Re:Freedom is not a "problem". (Score 1) 44

Considering Apple sales not to mention Webkit browser control pretty much the mobile web? Its doing pretty well actually.

Oh and if you are talking about old Theo nearly running OpenBSD into the ground? When those donating (for the second time in 2 years has Theo blown all the cash, just FYI) pointed out that pretty much everybody has abandoned VAX and those other early 90s power piggies and that it MIGHT be a good idea to look at VMs or cutting the really old junk nobody uses anymore? He released an EPIC rant about how they HAD to have all these ancient POS systems and why they were just idiots for not just handing him the money!

So no shit Theo nearly ran out of cash, stupid is as stupid does. Everybody else? just fine, thanks for asking.

Comment Re:Why do free contracting work? (Score 1) 1098

But that is like saying you are "free" in a theocracy...just as long as you believe exactly the same as them.

RMS can "encourage" although frankly I'd like a citation on that since every writing I've ever seen from RMS is downright communistic when the subject of money comes up, but the simple fact there is A REASON why you've never seen a FOSS game with the quality of Bioshock for example, its because if your software doesn't fall under the "blessed trinity" way of making money from GPL, 1.- Selling hardware, 2.- Selling support/services, 3.- the tin cup? You are just SOL when it comes to GPL.

So you can "encourage" until the cows come home but if i can take your software and give it away for free why the hell should I pay you? Just look at how Canonical and every home oriented FOSS desktop that has come before it has never gotten into the black, its because like the vast majority of software it doesn't fit the blessed trinity and is therefor SOL. Office software, imaging software, bookkeeping, medical, there is a reason why the few FOSS offerings are frankly piss poor amateur hour compared to the proprietary offerings, its because the GPL gives you no way to survive while making that kind of software.

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