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Comment Re:First world problems. (Score 1) 791

Dude you ain't been keeping up with things, have you? They were already showing off $100 Android dual cores at this year's Hong Kong expo and you can go to places like ChinaBuye and get dual core 3G phones for less than $100, here is an example. Oh and my bad on the tablets, they actually have the dual cores starting at less than $60

And THIS is the reason why apple is doomed to end up a niche like they are in the PC space, because when multicore tablets and phones reach "good enough" for the masses that is all she wrote.

Comment Re:Such Hubris... (Score 1) 461

I often get called a hippie on this and other sites by the libertarian wing, of course they are so far right they make the tea party look like flower children, funny that if their dream world came to be? They would find out quickly that in a case of survival of the fittest their fat overfed asses aren't very fit at all.

But if you were to bring back Goldwater and Buckley? They'd be disgusted at what has become of the right, the "Let 'em die!" greed and tea party garbage, because they actually understood economics and gave a shit about the country. They would point out its the spending by the poor and middle class that keep the economic engine running and the more the top hoard the less the engine runs. They were for the free market but they also stressed giving those at the top reasons to invest back into the country. Hell you want to see some of the most scathing articles from national Review go back to the Raygun era because Buckley was always saying "We CAN do better" and he too hated the pandering to the neocon and bible thumper wings.

But now? call a spade a spade, what we have on BOTH sides is good old fashioned fascism, pure and simple. The right dreams of brown shirts and a handful of elite putting the boots to the poor via the stormtroopers and the left dreams of "Big Mommy Loves You Citizen!" big bro control, its the same coin, just different styles. The social left, the fiscal conservative? we no longer have a voice, pushed out by the fascists who dream of power for themselves.

Comment Re:First world problems. (Score 2) 791

I have to agree, in fact I won't buy a device that uses non standard connectors anymore, I found out what a PITA that is when I was on a trip with my ex and her phone couldn't take my adapter so i ended up spending the better part of a Sunday trying to find the funky adapter her phone used. Now I don't even think about it, I keep a standard mini-USB hanging off the PC at the shop and the one at the apt and it fits mine, fits my fiance's, fits the boys phones, it all "just works".

As for Apple? sigh....its fucking apple, I think if their shit actually worked with anything else their fans wouldn't be happy, Apple crap has ALWAYS only worked with Apple crap and that is just the way it is. Apple is gonna be killed by the "good enough" in the tablet and phone markets anyway, they'll have a high end niche like they have in towers but that will be it, as the competition starts cranking out really nice multicore Android tablets for less than $100 and phones for less than $150 the writing is on the wall so let them keep their funky connectors, just makes 'em more 'exclusive" as far as iFanboys are concerned.

Comment Re:Such Hubris... (Score 2) 461

You think YOU hate it? They call me "the /. resident hippie" but I was actually a Goldwater/Buckley conservative, one that thought you fix the problems NOT by fucking the poor, which any economist will tell you is economic suicide because the poor spend every dime they get and keep the economy running while uber rich like Mittens hoard, but instead to quit blowing billions like we were fighting the USSR next Tuesday and instead invest all the money into our own economy.

Well sadly we were kicked out of the party in the 80s, replaced by neo-cons with dreams of empire and bible thumpers that think we have to constantly get involved in the ME or "Jebus won't come back, come back jebus!"....sigh. I just LOVE how many on the right treat Raygun as a right wing god, the same guy who said "deficits don't matter" and spent like a drunken sailor on vegas leave as THAT is what we have now, we have the "spend on the rich and fuck the poor" right wing and the "spend on everybody" left wing, notice how NEITHER has the word save anywhere?

While I am in 100% agreement you can't save your way out of a depression, that is what was tried during FDR and it failed, you can't fix it by spending on dumb shit and BOTH parties seem to be great at that. BTW notice we no longer even HAVE a left party any more? You got fascist loving jack booted bullshit from BOTH sides, the only diff is one wants to go brownshirt while the other prefers the "big mommy loves you citizen" track, but again both are for the same shit, its just different spins. What i wouldn't give for a REAL third party but sadly all we get are Ayn Rand wannabes and those that are left of Lenin so we have zero fucking prayer of getting shit going here.

Comment Re:Such Hubris... (Score 3, Insightful) 461

Sorry, 15 yard penalty, bullshit on the field. We elected Obama because the right ran Thurston Howell the Third and Lovey and just like on the show they couldn't help but keep opening their mouths and showing the world what rich spoiled clueless dumbasses look like.

Which was YOUR favorite "See I'm rich, he heh" gaffe? I'd say the "47%" gaffe wouldn't even make the top 5, my personal favorites were from him "I had to drive an ugly car in High School!" Oh poor baby, didn't like the BRAND NEW LUXURY CAR that daddy gave you for your 16th BDay Mitt? And from her "We were so poor in college we had to live on our stock dividends!"...yeah, you are breaking my heart, it must have been soooo hard to live in that mansion daddy gave you and have to live on the piles of cash you were getting from the shitload of stock you and Mittens had before you had even graduated college. BTW want to know how many mansions daddy had given them before they graduated? FIVE, Mittens was stupid enough to brag about it at one of the fund raisers,just like he marveled about how them Chinese would practically kill each other to work for nothing. Smooth move rich retard.

So I'm sorry but the reason the right lost in 2008 and 2012 is the same reason they'll lose in 2016 and 2020, because they keep running candidates so fucking out of touch it hurts. You went from McSame, singing "Bomb Iran" while our troops are deployed in harm's way like its a fucking joke, to Thurston Howell the Third, and you watch in 2016, while the economy is in the crapper no less, they'll run....drumroll for dramatic effect.....Bobby "Fuck them poor bastards!" Jindal, guaranteed to let any dem just waltz right on in there.

Comment Re:Only for embedded. (Score 2) 29

Uuuuhhh...why? These are ULV embedded chips, they wouldn't even be able to keep up with the 2008 HD4650 I have in my nettop, hell they would probably get stomped by my early 00s X1650 PRO AGP that I have in the closet, so why would you care about this supposed "duopoly" when it does what the market is supposed to do and lower prices through competition?

If all you care about is video you can go with Intel (although the way they slit Nvidia's throat to get them out of the chipset biz really should have gotten them busted for antitrust) and if you want more both AMD and Nvidia have just about every price point you can imagine,hell Tiger has an HD5450 for $15 after MIR and that is more than powerful enough to give you 1080p over HDMI (I should know as i put one in the HTPC I built my dad) and will even do some light gaming.

So I really don't know what there is to complain about, if you want better graphics in a laptop? Go AMD and in a desktop you can get AMD or Nvidia and there is enough competition to keep prices low, so what's the prob?

Comment Re:Why did they not roll this out anyway? (Score 1) 414

Yeah...which is why Windows defaults to power saving when plugged into the wall, and defaults to balanced even on desktops. Sorry friend but we just haven't gotten there yet, for a perfect example just read about (or even better pick one up at Starmicro cheap) the Phenom I.

You see if you hook a Phenom I to the wall and turn OFF the power saving features of the OS? The power usage goes down, turn on the power usage and the power usage goes UP...why? The answer is very simple, the Phenom I was the first, and AFAIK the ONLY chip to have the frankly awesome per core speed stepping. If you had one job that required one full blast core, and another that only required half of that, with no real work for the remaining 2 cores? Then the Phenom I could make only the core that required full speed to have full clocks and could drop or raise the clocks several times a second if what was the problem? The problem was Windows. Windows would see the slower cores and automatically dump work onto them thus slowing the system down and requiring the clocks to run higher than required because every time it would lower the clock Windows would dump more background tasks onto the slower cores. AMD ended up removing this power saving features on all subsequent chips because MSFT just couldn't get Windows to behave, but if you were to plug a kill-a-watt into a Phenom I you'd find that a Phenom I has lower power usage under XP than later OSes (because XP was "dumb" and didn't monitor the clocks) and with Vista and newer you turn off the power save features to get better power usage, although sadly there is no way to 100% negate Windows dumping work onto the slowed cores.

So I'm sorry friend but at least from what I've seen of Windows and Linux desktop OSes the power management still has a LONG ways to go, and I have a feeling the "future" is gonna be dumb OSes that leave all power management to the hardware itself.

Comment Re:Malice vs. Incompetence (Score 0, Offtopic) 479 means YOU sir don't deal with the public and therefor don't have a clue what you are talking about. Sure 320K MP3s sound damned good.....know what the average bitrate for MP3s is? Its 128k. I can tell you that because i've had to back up more MP3 collections before a reinstall than you've had hot dinners and while you'll find a few going down as low as 64k, and a few 256k, the majority is at 128k and I'm sorry but 128k MP3 sucks rancid donkey dick, its VERY tinny and thin but that seems to be the size Joe Average has settled on for the most part so that is what you see.

And again WHY is it 128K? WHERE did this come from? It was decided during the Napster and Audio Galaxy days as the lowest bitrate you could use and sound "good enough" while keeping the file sizes down, since back then an 80GB HDD was the average. Oh and just FYI but for your education you might want to Wiki "loudness war" to find out why MP3 in general sucks, you are taking music that has ALREADY been compressed to its absolute max to raise the loudness and then compressing AGAIN with the MP3 compression, and double compression sounds like shit.

Comment Re:Attack? (Score 1) 136

I would as long as they gave me a slice. hell it wouldn't even have to be a big slice, Bing pays me for my searches with $5 gift cards which I use for all the little things i need at the shop, CD sleeves, adapters, and it is just nice to be given a little token as a thank the fact that the fiance has a bazillion things she wants at Amazon really don't hurt none ;-)

Of course that is a HELL of a lot different than me paying for a pro photog to come take pics of my wares only to have competitors get the pics for free from Google, which is what the AC was talking about. In that case not only are you getting screwed but your competitor is getting an advantage handed to his business (since he no longer pays for ads, you do) and Google is getting more business off you hard work. in that case I'd do like AC and tell Google to get stuffed.

I am curious to see how much evil nasty shit Google has to do before it counts, I swear that "not do evil" bullshit is like an RDF from hell, you could find a pic of Brin assraping a nun and the Googlerfs would hold up that little slogan like a magic flag.

Comment Re:Malice vs. Incompetence (Score 1, Insightful) 479

And its the same reason why Windows sucks, and Linux sucks, and OSX sucks, etc...its because there is a LOT of stuff hanging around from the "old days" that have ended up becoming a part of the system and still hang around.

Hell want an example everybody has on their PCs? MP3..MP3 SUCKS, sound quality wise its pretty bad and most of the other formats at the time could produce better sound and now of course we have lossless formats that can give you crystal clear sound...yet everybody still uses MP3s, why? Because they know MP3, everything will play MP3, its a hold out from the Napster days that just won't go away.

And I'm sure i'll get hate for saying this but I think a good chunk of his article is just hyperbole. You know what i use on my netbook? Word 2K, an ancient CD version I picked up at a going out of business sale ages ago, no updates, no patches, I slap the compatibility pack on it and voila! it has no problem with the new formats. I deal with plenty of SMBs and I haven't heard a word, no pun intended, of them having any trouble mixing and matching versions and they sure as hell ain't staying on the far right of the curve. Now maybe if you have an Excel jock that insists on using the latest features in the latest version the second it comes out? Or worse deal with a company that make "apps" using Access? Then i could see where there may be a problem, but we are talking about word here and Word has been the most well behaved of the suite.

And what is the alternative? Libre Office? I can open, edit, and save a document before LO gets done dragging its ass to the screen! I'm giving the LO team a break simply because they are cleaning up Sun's mess but lets be honest, Open office was a pig, and LO is a pig at this stage at well.

Comment Re:Why did they not roll this out anyway? (Score 1) 414

That is STILL not a good thing if you think about it for a bit, why? Well because the Bluetooth on the desktop may be designed not to care about power, since its on the mains, and therefor is instead designed to give you the max range while the one on the tablet will suck the unit dry if run the same way.....see the problem now?

With mobile versus desktop you have two use cases that are in complete conflict with each other. The things that make sense in one would kill the other, such as making a desktop behave with phone power levels or making the tablet run without its powersaving features. I mean you are talking about completely different arches, why do you think you could keep the same guts and end up with anything but crap?

Comment Re:Attack? (Score 5, Insightful) 136

Sorry but I'm with the AC, after they changed their TOS the first time and bugged the living shit out of me to use my real name everywhere they can take G+ and shove it, I avoid it like an STD.

And this is part of another trend I REALLY don't fucking like, corps avoiding copyrights when its good for THEM but royally screwing you if you dare do the same. Well screw you Google, my pics are copyrighted,wanna use 'em? PAY ME. of course i won't be putting them into either FB or G+ and I'd strongly suggest nobody put jack shit that you care about in either, but maybe you should upload pics to let them know how they feel about these changes....a nice Goatse perhaps?

Comment Re:Next generation of the iWatch capability? (Score 1) 414

The reason why is simple...Apple can ONLY keep their high margins when they are the only game in town and when they are not? They end up in a fight with the commodity dealers and a race to the bottom which is where they do NOT want to be.

Love him or hate him, and I personally thought Steve jobs was an asshole, but one thing you gotta give the man credit for is he did understand this and was always looking for new markets. As long as Apple stays in the tablet and phone game they WILL lose, why? Simple because the race to the bottom means that others will put "good enough" hardware better priced in the same arena. Hell you can get dual core Android tablets for $100 now, no way they can keep the $399-$499 price tag with that kind of competition.

Does MSFT have a shot? Personally I'd say no, another things Jobs got right is MSFT has no taste and they think jamming a phone UI onto everything is magic, just like they spent a decade trying to jam desktops onto everything, but what Apple has to worry about isn't Redmond, its China and all those cheap tablets and phones coming out. in either case they can't keep their high margins if they want to keep the numbers, so either they go back to being a tiny niche as they were in the late 90s with desktops or they find new markets they can dominate.

Comment Re:Why did they not roll this out anyway? (Score 1) 414

Yeah and how many of those are ACTUAL INSTALLS, versus like what Dell and many others do which is pre-"downgrade" to Win 7 and then give you a Win 8 disc you promptly throw away? And how many of those that are left promptly tossed the shell for Start8 or classic shell?

Remember if you go by MSFT numbers then Vista was a smash hit, in fact with MSFT math they have NEVER had a failure when it comes to OSes, even WinME counts as a hit using their math. As someone on the ground I can tell you that B&M stores are practically giving away Win 8 systems because they are piling up, most of the online vendors have signs that read "Don't want Win 8? We have Win 7 systems here!" and on and on.

Its just like Vista dude, MSFT swore up and down it wasn't a bomb until Win 7 went out the door and then and ONLY then did they go "LOL Vista was a bomb LOL"

Comment Re:Why did they not roll this out anyway? (Score 5, Insightful) 414

And a good 90% of what you just listed support exactly ONE version, put on at the factory, and no other. If you call that "support" then a casio calc watch from the 80s must be a wearable computer to you. BTW why didn't you include TiVo in your list? After all they meet the criteria, just as locked down as TV and appliances yet runs a Linux kernel?

As for TFA...Yo, Shuttleworth? Yeah MSFT was the one that followed your moronic idea, NOT APPLE and look what it got them, flops bigger than winME and Vista put together. If you are so much into "innovation" why don't you rip the steering wheel off your car and replace it with bike handlebars? Well why not, in both cases you are taking a UI designed for one form factor and jamming into a completely different one where it doesn't work well and both are totally moronic, so why not just push the envelope and go full retard?

Look folks its REALLY simple, the PC and laptop are vertical non touch screen high res systems and the phone and tablet are.....wait for it....horizontal touch screen oriented low res systems. Now what do they have in common? NOTHING, that is right NOTHING! They have screens....but the res is several orders of magnitude better on one than the other. They have CPUs....except that one is a SoC made for power consumption above all and therefor is slower than an early Pentium 4 in terms of performance. They have storage....err again several orders of magnitude better and faster on one than the other. Graphics....seeing a pattern here folks?

The reason why Shuttleworth hasn't been able to peddle his shit and Ballmer can't give away Win 8 is because tablets and PCs are NOT the same thing and you can't just rip the UI from one and stuff if it the other and expect it to be anything but suck and fail. Why do the Win 8 apologists never praise the "innovation" of giving phones itty bitty start buttons and menus? Its the same fucking thing, you take a UI designed for one form factor and hamfistedly ram it into the other form factor and expect people are gonna care.

As much as I hate the control freak nature of Apple I have to give them credit, they aren't being bit by a case of the stupids like MSFT and Canonical. Everything they have imported from iOS? Can be easily turned off or just outright ignored and from what I've been told you can have the same UI they have had for the past 6 releases if that is what you want. Who would have thought that Apple of all people would be giving the user what they expect, while MSFT and Canonical would be taken over by art school rejects and go apeshit?

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