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Comment Re:Same shit, different day (Score 3, Interesting) 177

Now lets be fair, as much as I think EA is ass cancer when it comes to publishers let us give credit where credit is due and on the Genesis EA games were consistently one of the best, its only on the PC where they are a total crapshoot and you never know if the game you buy is actually playable or not.

This is why I have said for years that we in the states need the right to return a PC game when it doesn't work, I can't think of any other product where they can sell you something that turns out to be completely BROKEN and you can't even get a refund. This is why I won't buy games at launch anymore, after getting burned on Vampire Bloodlines and Max Payne and having 2 coasters i could not play until a patch came out, in the case of Bloodlines two years fricking later, so now I wait at least 3 months for the poor suckers to beta test and get bit by all the show stoppers before I'll even pick it up. EA burnt me with Pacific Assault, I don't think they ever fixed that mission bug where the Jap planes would just dive UNDERWATER and crash into you, thus making sure you could never get past the halfway point of the game. I even bought the tenth anniversary pack hoping they had fixed it by then but nope, still broken. Never did get to finish that game.

But I don't know how they are on modern consoles as I gave up the console after the original Xbox and PS1 but back in the day EA console games were always top notch, with graphics that really pushed the systems and fun gameplay. They at least deserve credit for that even if their PC games are total poo poo.

Comment Re:Same shit, different day (Score 1) 177

Hell I don't know which is worse, EA games or Origin for being buggy crap. Personally I'd love to see how many that bought the recent EA Humble Bundle even bothered with the Origin games, I know I just installed the Steam games and ignored the Origin crap because while I was curious if Dead Space 3 was as bad as I heard or if battlefield 3 was actually worth playing or another "run like a chicken with its head cut off" online game they sure as hell weren't worth dealing with Origin to find out.

And to the Apple guys that bought it and are now bashing their heads against their keyboards....Hi Apple guys, welcome to the "fun" that is EA gaming! Please don't use this is an excuse to start the whole "Windows gaming sucks" crap because honestly?Its not PC gaming ITS EA because there are plenty of companies out there that make pretty solid and well supported games, Valve for example, and there are others that will put out the occasional clunker but be otherwise good, compare Borderlands II to Aliens Colonial Marines, but EA is one of those "Meh just ship that shit" kinda companies so when you buy from them its really more or less a crapshoot. Sorry for your misfortune, hope it doesn't sour you on the PC as a gaming device, might I suggest Steam instead?

Comment Re:Business tries to increase profits, new at 11 (Score 1, Insightful) 156

I"d like to hear you explain how come every boom America has had has come under high taxes for the top 5% and every time the economy is in the shitter the taxes on that same top 5% has been low.

Voodoo Economics don't work, the "job creators" myth is just that, and giving ever more wealth to the top 5% just destroys the economy as that money never circulates, its hoarded. Libertarians can believe in their "invisible hand" which frankly should go right beside sky bullies on the "divorced from reality" scale because we already tried libertarian-ism and it was later known as "the age of the robber barons" for all the collusion, market rigging and violence against the workers.

Libertarianism like every other ism sounds doable on paper, IRL the douchebags at the top will ALWAYS ruin it for everybody else.

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 1) 413

The same can be said of Windows except you'd be opening it up to malware and guess what? The same applies to Linux. How fricking sad is it that you will sit here with a straight face and tell me i should leave my users vulnerable with a badly out of date OS? And you HAVE to do the forced upgrade deathmarch because Linux don't support previous versions for shit because "Hey its free!" well so is that dogshit in the park but I don't want to be handling it either.

At the end of the day there is a reason why more people risk hefty fines and in some regions even jail time to steal the competitor's product than take yours for free by several orders of magnitude and that is because Torvalds is a shitty developer who refuses to let go of a broken driver model he ripped off of UNIX in 1993. I mean can you imagine how much you'd be laughing if Windows kept the creaking and buggy as fuck .VXD driver model in 2013? that shit would be hilarious, right? Well that is EXACTLY WHAT TORVALDS HAS DONE by keeping the ancient fucked up POS dependency hell breaks constantly "let the devs do it" driver model which in the end leaves you with shit like this, with drivers that are half assed, piss poor, and break often.

Again feel free to take the Hairyfeet Challenge and try for yourself and see if 1 or more drivers aren't completely trashed by the end. For extra points try it on a laptop and see how quickly Linux shits all over the wireless. the Hairyfeet Challenge actually rigs things in Linux' favor by asking for only HALF the support Windows gets and on top of that I didn't even use anything exotic, we are talking boring bog standard hardware that is in a good 90% of the desktops and laptops and it STILL shit all over itself. If the Linux community wanted to pay me for the bandwidth and time I'd be happy to film it live but frankly the challenge is so easy to replicate at home that anybody can do it, all you need is a bog standard desktop or laptop and a copy of whatever distro you want to test from 5 years ago which you will then upgrade/date to current through the GUI as Joe and Jane Normal would be expected to do.

At the end of the day the Linux driver model is deep fried tampons and as long as Torvalds is in the big chair it will stay that way because he is old and cares more about "purity of essence" than having a functional OS. Hell even basic common sense will illustrate that the math don't work when it comes to drivers, when Torvalds adopted that driver model you could fit every Linux driver on a single floppy, now you have over 100,000 drivers, hundreds of new drivers released each month and MAYBE 300 devs (I'm pretty sure it isn't even half that, just giving Torvalds the benefit of the doubt) that are qualified to do low level driver debug and testing. If you mainlined pure coke into their veins and kept them working 24/7 then you would MAYBE have each driver looked at once every 6 years MAYBE.

There is a reason why every B&M shop that has tried Linux has dropped it, from little shops like mine to giants like Walmart, why simply shopping for devices to use with Linux quickly becomes a game of hardware roulette and why drivers get shit on constantly when you update/grade and that is because the driver model just doesn't work. But when you get any of the devs on here the only explanation you get is either Torvalds "It wouldn't let me just tweak whatever I want at any time" (yeah jackass, that is kinda the damned point, to keep you from breaking shit) or worse that kernel dev who said, I swear to God, that "I hope every non free driver breaks often!". Yeah because users don't want functional hardware, all they care about is the racial purity of the GPL. BTW in a case of irony moist and delicious what does every forum tell you to buy for video? Nvidia because their proprietary drivers actually fucking work!

After nearly 5 years of dealing with Linux bullshit frankly if given the option of being trapped in Win 8 metro forever or taking Linux I'd take metro any day of the week, it may be a shitty GUI but at least when I update the damned thing the drivers don't fall apart. For fucks sake is this 2013 or 1993?

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 355

Sure they got choice, they can go to Mr Pirate down the street who is much loved ATM thanks to the fact that Win 8 is ass cancer. Piracy from the little shops is fricking insane and even from some of the medium sized places and frankly most people couldn't give a rat's ass, they are already pissed at MSFT for trying to ram that "LULZ I'm a cellphone LULZ" Win 8 garbage down their throat so they are more than happy to pay Mr Pirate to make that nasty thing just go away. BTW I have to say you gotta give the pirates credit, i was shown a Win 7 DVD that not only updates, it automatically greys out any updates to WGA and even sets up the system with an OEM wallpaper based on what OEM is listed in the BIOS.

But by your logic Vista should have sold like gangbusters, it didn't, and in the end the OEMs ended up having to offer XP (just as Lenovo and others are offering win 7 pre-installed) because at the end of the day you can't force somebody to use something they fricking loathe and folks loathe Win 8 and its "LOL hai, have you seen our apps?" cellphone bullshit with a passion. I have watched people pay more for a refurb than a new system sitting right beside it because the refurb had 7, THAT is how much of a backlash we guys in the trenches are seeing, they don't just dislike it, they act like you took a steaming dump in front of them when looking at Win 8.

Comment Re:Useless academic is useless. (Score 1) 462

No fricking shit, too much CLEAN power is bad? What a waste of space, and I bet that while he talks about how that clean power would be bad his fat ass is sitting in a room with the AC blasting sipping a cold drink and eating his takeout, I've found that a lot of those academic types are nothing but big fat hypocrites.

Comment Re:I miss Scroogle :( (Score 2) 135

Meh I use Bing, I figure if somebody is gonna make money off my searches the least they can do is give me a slice and all those $5 Amazon gift cards are great for picking up the little adapters and odds and ends i'm always needing round the shop. Plus I like their image search better than Google.

As for TFA this just shows that the USPTO has basically become a rubber stamp for the corps, frankly the whole copyrights and patents system need to be tossed out and overhauled, all it does now is make rich old white guys ever richer while making minefields for everybody else.

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 1) 413

Yeah it was in the DP build IIRC, I know I was going straight to desktop after 5 minutes of dealing with "Oh hai, I'm a cellphone giggle" Metro but when that no longer worked in CP I tossed the thing and never looked back. It might work good on a tablet but since i have ZERO desire for a MSFT tablet (happy with my android smartphone, thanks anyway) Win 8 is just a giant PITA.

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 1) 413

Nope they were all returned because Linux shits all over its own drivers every time you update the damned thing. You take the "Hairyfeet challenge" which i'm sure you can find with a little Googling and you'll see that QA and testing is non existent in Linux, its just a fucking mess of an OS. As much as I hate Vista and 8 I'd take either one over Linux, yes its THAT bad.

And please don't waste my time talking about your router (never gets updated so no shit it don't break) your cellphone (controlled by google with a billion a year spent on upkeep, also doesn't use vanilla linux for shit) or servers (all the major server companies pay entire dev teams to do nothing but fix their drivers when Torvalds and company take a steaming dump on them) because we are talking about laptops and desktops and in that arena Linux is deep fried shit.

Comment Re:someone's gotta start the show (Score 2) 175

Because if MSFT stays on the same path Win 7 will be a red headed stepchild that gets updates late if at all by next year?

Unless the new CEO changes the course ballmer put them on its "tablets ahoy!" while Win 7 gets left out in the cold. hell they have already said there will be NO service pack 2, which considering its something like 200 patches to take an SP1 Win 7 system to current should show how MSFT feels about those still on Win 7, and 8.1 is "apps apps apps, have we told you we have an appstore?" bullshit so its pretty obvious that Win 7 is gonna be treated like Vista, an OS that TECHNICALLY is still supported but which gets almost zero attention from the company.

Besides like it or not its getting harder and harder to get new laptops with Windows 7 so I might as well learn now how to fix the bastard.

Comment Re:Idiocracy (Score 2) 628

To be fair there is gonna be plenty of times when you are gonna "have a special reason to know" the person you are texting is driving. For example the drummer for my band has a day job which involves driving a long distance to work so i know not to call him for at least 2 hours after his shift ends otherwise he is likely to get my call during his commute so by this ruling if I ignored the fact that I know what hours he works I would be at least partially responsible.

So while the courts have had a LOT of bad rulings lately this one it seems is just applying common sense, if you know the person is on the road between the hours of X and Y and you text them anyway? You are helping to contribute to unsafe conditions, no different than if you were the passenger and kept distracting the driver to show them some LOLCats on your phone.

Comment Re:someone's gotta start the show (Score 4, Insightful) 175

Exactly, look at the dual screen tablet they had, courier I think? You can have the greatest idea on the planet and if you do fuck all with it....what good was it?

As far as MSFT not innovating, oh they do, its just ruined, half assed, and piss poor thanks to the legions of PHBs that have to get their 2c in. I mean who can look at the piss awful art school drop out mess that is Windows 8x and not realize it was designed by committee? Even the most basic rules of UI convention like control (user should feel they are in control of the OS, not feel helpless), conveyance (user should have enough visual clues and information they can figure out how to do basic tasks), continuity (user should consistently get the same result from the same action) simply do not exist in Win 8, the user feels lost and helpless as there is ZERO information given. How does a user find out there is a "charms bar", or as I call it the "Random in your face" bar? Is there a balloon? Pop up? Something? Nope they have to trip over it by accident. Not that they will be happy when they DO trip over it because they soon find because a touchpad just gives indications of movement and NOT position like a tablet the stupid OS treats ANY fast movement as a swipe gesture and cockblocks you with that damned charms bar.

Hell I could go on all damned day listing the problems with Win 8 but I'll end with a little anecdote, my dad. My dad is about the most bog standard Windows user that has ever drawn breath, he chats, uses FB, does his Quickbooks, watches movies, completely bog standard stuff here. he needed a new laptop so after doing a little research I found one that was really nice, light, core i3, plenty of HDD space and memory, and most importantly had drivers for Win 7 so if dad didn't like Win 8 I could put on Win 7 easily. I decided to use this as a test of Win 8 and simply handed it to my dad, just as if he bought it himself and it showed up at his house. Now i didn't do ANYTHING to sour him on Win 8 or Metro, in fact i had actually wanted Win 8 to succeed as my dad has poor eyesight and I thought the large tiles might be easier to use.

So how did it go? Less than an hour into the experiment dad wanted me to, and I quote "Take this piece of garbage and run over it with my truck". BTW he was DEADLY serious, Windows 8 pissed him off so much he was willing to gladly write off his new $500 laptop to see Windows 8 destroyed. So I took it home and after a night of hacking the registry and adding third party shells and generic touchpad drivers so i could kill that uncharming charms bar he is happy...with an OS that looks and acts 100% like Windows 7.

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