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Comment Re:Well I guess its bad... (Score 1) 572

All of which she is capable?

That's just the problem. To you those women on stage are already dead. They've made money for displaying themselves and like a bitter used whore, are just a shell person filled only with the pain of their abuse?

What if they look at the wage slaves whose laps they sit in with the same pity we look at a fast-food worker, or MCSE? They get to dance for a bit and go home. The non-sex workers have to stay for hours and pretend to care about the topic.

The geeks whose careers are settling around them with the finality of cement versus the dancers whose lives are just beginning.

You'd have a point if these women were vat-grown clones who'd be terminated if they didn't perform. The truth though is that they're free to choose and the ones who would be crushed by being there aren't the ones rushing to fill the job.

Comment Re:Things don't work the way you think (Score 1) 212

What I have is mostly legal theory. Appropriation of an unpublished manuscript would be prosecuted under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act in most states. You can look that up. Publication and lawful sale provide you an implicit license to no longer consider that material as a secret. If you divulge the ending of Harry Potter 8 before it's published, expect to be sued, even though you bought the book and a copyright applies to it, and you never signed an NDA.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 572

Funny, seems the women who attended the event thought it was pretty funny to watch the awkward guys on stage not knowing what to do with the women in their face.

Did you get that part? No? Didn't read anything more than the summary eh?

There were female developers there ... having a good time ... The thing is that the just weren't American women, which are so sexually repressed and frustrated with themselves that they can't appreciate any situation which involves a women using her assets to their advantage if it involves physical attributes.

Whats fucked up is that American women are their own worst enemy.

Do you see guys bitching about male strippers? No, well okay, but only out of jealously.

Men are 'objectified' in the same way constantly. We appreciate it, enjoy the praise, and are more than happy that someone else appreciates what we have. Women in most of the rest of the world feel THE SAME WAY.

Its only in America where women get pissed off because another woman is using her abilities. In America, you are only accepted by other women if you shoehorn yourself into doing something you aren't really that good at.

Okay, so thats false, most women in America don't give a damn about this either. Its just the few loud mouths that get attention and the media promoting it that are a problem. I personally don't think I've ever met a woman who truly had a problem with strippers. I honestly don't think I've met a woman who hasn't considered BEING a stripper, including women who are now doctors, lawyers, and a VP of a rather large marketing firm in the US.

Its okay that you don't understand it, if you had some women as friends it would help you out a lot.

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 993

Dear Roger(, we're feeling sorry for you that you gave up your credibility and any chance of adding value to the technology-interested community in exchange for money from Microsoft. We (technology professionals) know from much personal experience that the reason behind Mac system purchases is rarely based on "cool" in the business world. Instead, the reason is simply greater value through a much more stable operating system, hardware that is designed more robustly (longer MTBF), and considerably greater ease of technical support due to fewer OS related problems. Don't forget about Linux either. With the capability of running on a larger range of hardware than Microsoft products and the clear security advantages due to available source code you can evaluate yourself, Linux is beginning to threaten Microsoft as it's deployment in the workplace gains greater popularity. Even now, worldwide many governments, schools, and workplaces are realizing the benefits of a stable and open platform. My condolences go to you.

Clash of the Titans Over USB 3.0 Specification Process 269

Ian Lamont writes "Nvidia and other chip designers are accusing Intel of 'illegally restraining trade' in a dispute over the USB 3.0 specification. The dispute has prompted Nvidia, AMD, Via, and SiS to establish a rival standard for the USB 3.0 host controller. An Intel spokesman denies the company is making the USB specification, or that USB 3.0 'borrows technology heavily' from the PCI Special Interests group. He does, however, say that Intel won't release an unfinished Intel host controller spec until it's ready, as it would lead to incompatible hardware."

Intel Shows Off Quake Wars, Ray Traced 368

An anonymous reader writes "At the Research@Intel Day 2008, Intel showed a ray-traced version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Compared to the original game, a water with reflections and refractions and a physically correct glass shader were added. Also, a camera portal with up to 200 recursions to itself has been demonstrated. To show off this ongoing research in the topic of real-time ray tracing, a four-socket system with quad cores has been used that allowed rendering the enhanced visual effects in 1280x720 at 14-29 fps. Just two years before, early versions of Quake 4: Ray Traced ran only at 256x256 with 17 fps. Even though Intel's upcoming Larrabee will be primarily a rasterizer, the capabilities for also doing ray tracing on it should deliver interesting opportunities."

User Not Found, Email Drops Silently 292

shervinafshar writes with an International Herald Tribune story explaining just why it is failed emails don't always result in a helpful error message for the sender, which also gives some insight into ways that email can be used to spy on recipients. "In last lines of the article, two companies are introduced which provide services that can 'spy' on your email reading habits. They also can 'call home' too: 'Some entrepreneurs have seen that uncertainty and offered senders the ability to obtain receipts that a given message has been read — without the recipient knowing that a confirmation has been sent back to the sender. ReadNotify, based in Queensland, Australia, started in 2000 and promised to report not only on whether a message was read, but also on how long it was opened for reading on the recipient's PC. It can also send the message in "self-destructing" form, preventing forwarding, printing, copying and saving.' IHT also is asking its readers to comment about these kind of services being against user privacy."

Submission + - Microsoft Sees Stronger XP Sales in FY08 ( 1

Rude Awakening writes: Microsoft Corp. Thursday said that it expects Windows XP, the operating system supposedly made moot by Windows Vista, to make up a significantly larger part of sales in the coming year.

I thought this was a misprint and they really meant Vista sales would be stronger in '08 instead of XP, but it is no misprint. Is Vista bad enough to breathe new life into XP sales, or is this part of an insidious plot by Microsoft to sell two OS licenses for each new PC shipped?

United States

Submission + - Bringing Back Geography to the U.S.

An anonymous reader writes: Here is are 2 articles on history of geography and the state of geography education in the U.S. From the article: "Soon after World War II, however, geography was purged in the United States, and the impact continues today. From 1948 to 1988, the discipline was expunged at the University of Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, the University of Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford, Yale, and other esteemed American universities, oddly even during periods when universities were expanding faster than at any other time before or since. In truth, nobody knows why geography was targeted on such a broad scale." See also related stories below. geography-go.html bring-back-geography-1of2.html

Submission + - White House Says Hill Can't Pursue Contempt Cases (

rook2pawn writes: Bush administration officials unveiled a bold new assertion of executive authority yesterday in the dispute over the firing of nine U.S. attorneys, saying that the Justice Department will never be allowed to pursue contempt charges initiated by Congress against White House officials once the president has invoked executive privilege. The Moderate Voice asks "what is Congress remedy? Increasingly, Bush administration actions appear to be actually provocative aimed at throwing the matter into court. Could it be because George Bush now has more friends on the Supreme Court who believe in a stronger executive and will back him in the end? If they back him, the United States traditional definition of checks and balances may have to be heavily revised."

Submission + - One Laptop Per Child to add filtering?

notdanielp writes: "According to a Reuters blurb One Laptop Per Child is considering adding filters to their laptops Nigerian complaints of students accessing pornography on their free laptops. "Efforts to promote learning with laptops in a primary school in Abuja have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials," NAN said. A representative of the One Laptop Per Child aid group was quoted as saying that the computers, part of a pilot scheme, would now be fitted with filters.Is content filtering counter to the egalitarian spirit of the OLPC initiative? Is there a place for a proxy server in a streamlined design like the OLPC appliance?"

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