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Comment Three examples... (Score 1) 319

My personal web site's home page is 2KB. It's HTML5, no CSS, no JS. My research group site has a bit of all three plus a handful of images and comes in at 125KB. Big website I sysadmin weighs in at 1.1MB. A nice variety there. I think my personal site claims the crown as the fastest loading and quickest to render.

Comment Bristol University supports Linux to some extent (Score 1) 432

For some services such as wifi there are instructions for various flavours of OS - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. We have Enterprise WPA2 and the university requires you to install their certificate, but they've done a pretty decent job of documenting it for these OSes. Unfortunately some of the software they advocate is very Microsoft or Windows centric. The Computer Science department goes quite a bit further - its lab machines run CentOS. Up until a couple of years ago there were some old Sun machines knocking about somewhere in the Engineering Faculty.

Comment Backup, or archive? (Score 1) 498

10 years is not that long, but more to the point, if I am looking for a file on media that is so old, then it must be archived not backed up. A backup is something you keep if you want to safeguard against loss of data on whatever you use as an active data store. An archive is somewhere safe you keep something when you no longer have a regular need to access it, but may still need it in the future. The methods and media for backups and archives are often the same/similar, but in the case where you have something archived, one would assume there is no "live" copy and therefore the archive should itself be backed up.

Given the rate of storage capacity expansion and my comparatively pedestrian storage requirements, my archive policy is that it stays on my computer, and simply doesn't get accessed. That way it's always backed up using my most current backup regime (rsnapshot at the moment), my "archive" isn't really an archive at all, and I don't have to worry about the media getting old, because it's guaranteed to be on my most recent media - the media I use daily.
Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF Offers an Introduction To Traitorware 263

theodp writes "The EFF's Eva Galperin offers a brief primer on Traitorware, devices that act behind your back to betray your privacy. 'Your digital camera may embed metadata into photographs with the camera's serial number or your location,' writes Galperin. 'Your printer may be incorporating a secret code on every page it prints which could be used to identify the printer and potentially the person who used it. If Apple puts a particularly creepy patent it has recently applied for into use, you can look forward to a day when your iPhone may record your voice, take a picture of your location, record your heartbeat, and send that information back to the mothership.' She concludes: 'EFF will be there to fight it [Traitorware]. We believe that your software and devices should not be a tool for gathering your personal data without your explicit consent.'"

Submission + - MythTV moves to Github

unts writes: The popular-amongst-tweakers media centre software MythTV has almost completed its transition from SVN to Github. I've noticed a growing number of high profile projects have moved to Git, and I myself now use it for versioning of personal projects. The mailing list announcement gives no indication as to the motivation behind the move, but does state that more information will be posted to mythtv.org tomorrow.

Submission + - Reports emerge of major global hardware defect in (hexus.net)

unts writes: A growing number of N8 users are reporting that their phones are no longer charging and are completely unresponsive when attempts are made to power them on. A discussion thread on the Nokia users forums reveals that a possible fix is to put the device in a freezer, although Nokia has officially stated that this is not advised and in the process did nothing to acknowledge whether there is indeed a problem with the N8. If the problem becomes widespread, this will be yet another blow to Nokia's N8 and its waning Symbian OS.

Comment Re:Not a secret (Score 2, Informative) 217


This is so far from a secret it's not even funny. Imagine if we'd only just discovered what those two pins on the connector did?

Hell, even the breakout board the guy (who's original, non full page ad-encumbered article can be found here) bought has the bloody serial pins labelled.

It's not remotely surprising that an embedded device has a UART on it. It's even less surprising that a device designed to interface with very simple dock devices has a UART exposed via its peripheral connector.

What is surprising is that the combination of breakout board and RS232 line driver somehow managed to be bigger than the phone.

Submission + - MIPS throws down the gauntlet to Intel and ARM (hexus.net)

unts writes: MIPS Technologies wants in on the action that ARM has seen of late. This week it has announced its latest CPU design, the elegantly named MIPS32 1074K. The company claims the multi-core design is 2.5 times faster than Intel's Atom within a smaller silicon footprint. Android on MIPS looks to be where the company wants to carve out a bigger market share, so it will be interesting to see which companies pick up the new design.

Submission + - ARM unveils next gen processor, claims 5x speedup (hexus.net)

unts writes: UK chip designer ARM today released the first details of its latest project, codenamed "Eagle". It has branded the new design Coretex-A15, which ARM reckons demonstrates the jump in performance from its predecessors, the A8 and A9. ARM's new chip design can scale to 16 cores, clock up to 2.5GHz, and, the company claims, deliver a 5x performance increase over the A8.

"It's like taking a desktop and putting it in your pocket," said [VP of processor marketing — Eric Schorn], and it was clear that he considers this new design to be a pretty major shot across the bows of Intel and AMD. In case we were in any doubt, he turned the knife further: "The exciting place for for software developer graduates to go and hunt for work is no longer the desktop."

Comment Smug UK citizen here (Score 4, Interesting) 637

Half of these I don't even need to consider:

Health insurance - We don't pay directly for healthcare here because we are communists.
Birth control pill prescription - I'm male, but ignoring that, contraception is free
Current account with non-pharma drug provider - I don't know what this is but I assume it's somehow related to the two I've just mentioned above.
NPR membership - Why would I want to be a member of the North Pennsylvania Railroad anyway?

Of those that are left, I don't own a car, live in a city that you can walk around quite easily and don't use a gym.

So all I have to choose between is my mobile phone or my landline/broadband. I'll take my landline thanks - there's plenty of public wifi around here (or friends willing to give our their WPA PSK).

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