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Submission + - Hudson Filter: Excessive Blurring of TG16 Titles

Mugenmidget writes: "Many users of the Virtual Console have noticed that Turbo Grafx games undergo excessive bilinear filtering that makes these titles the blurriest and easily the most misrepresented on Nintendo's Virtual Console service. Hudson has made some slight comments about this occurrence on their official forums, but since January we have heard nothing more on the blurring that plagues the TG16 titles available on the Virtual Console. =343 There's a thread started that addresses fan concerns, and we'd appreciate it if you could spread the word to your reader base so they can voice their opinion on this emulation issue and be heard by the Hudson staff."
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Submission + - Scientology critic Keith Henson extradited

muldrake writes: "Engineer, writer, and Scientology critic Keith Henson has been extradited from Arizona to Riverside County, California, following his arrest in February. Henson had fled to Canada following his conviction for "interfering with a religion" in 2001 for his pickets and Usenet posts criticizing the Church of Scientology, returning to Arizona after his asylum claims were denied."
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Submission + - Macy's Thanksgiving Parade to add Al Gore Balloon

wattsup writes: "Officials for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade announced today that they would be adding a new balloon to the roster of helium balloons used in the annual holiday extravaganza. Now that he's a cult icon right up there with Snoopy, Spider Man, Big Bird and Barney, Al Gore, former Vice President and carbon crusader will get his own balloon at the 2007 Thanksgiving Day Parade. Note the date."

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