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Communicating Even When the Network Is Down 115

coondoggie writes to mention a NetworkWorld article covering efforts to maintain network connectivity even when the network has holes. Building off of the needs of the military, the end goal is to create a service which will route around network trouble spots and maintain connectivity for users. From the article: "Researchers at BBN Technologies, of Cambridge, Mass., have begun the second phase of a DTN project, funded by $8.7 million from the Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Earlier this year, the researchers simulated a 20-node DTN. With each link available just 20% of the time, the network was able to deliver 100% of the packets transmitted." The article is on five small pages, with no option to see a linkable, printable version.

Comment Read the web site... (Score 1) 373

If you read the comments on the website, it's quite obvious that it isn't being shut down because there is any valid copyright infringment complaint. It's being shut down because they're tired of constantly being harrassed by lawyers claiming copyright infringment.

If enough people hassle you about it, whether they're right or not, sometimes it's easier just to shut it down then fight with them.

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