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Comment Re:why is this surprising? (Score 1) 898

Windows 7 has new CPU scheduling, a revised WDDM, a revised DWM, I/O and kernel level locks removed, a new event based Service model (reducing RAM footprint), new low latency push/pull sound processing, and then starts adding end user features and upper level OS integration of features.

That sounds like what gets changed every 3-6 months in a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora. Are you suggesting that even after 2 years of full time work Microsoft can only make such small incremental improvements to Vista?

Hell, even the short changelog of the Linux kernel itself is more impressive once every ~3 months. What is Microsoft wasting so much time on?


Shuttleworth Proposes Overhaul of Desktop Notifications 306

Thelasko writes "Mark Shuttleworth is considering a controversial overhaul to the way Ubuntu manages notifications." I'm not thrilled with all of the changes proposed, which would mostly value simplicity over confusion at the expense of flexibility and permanence. But anything that would make more people read over and specifically approve the wording of error messages and other notifications is a good thing.

Comment Re:OpenBSD hosts make stupid targets... (Score 1) 327

What poor algorithm? Hash collisions aside, a password is a password. Only things like retry limits, retry delays, automatic blacklisting, etc. will make any difference, and as we've agreed, these are matters of configuration which must be identical between systems for any meaningful comparison.

Regardless of what kernel is running, a password auth's security hinges on the password. Yes, for Windows it's probably even easier to probe SMB or IIS, but the password auth will be just as good or bad as OpenBSD if configured the same.

Comment Re:OpenBSD hosts make stupid targets... (Score 2, Interesting) 327

So, Mr Formal Education In Operating Systems, will OpenBSD refuse a valid username and password combination because the person logging in has a hidden evil deep in their hearts, unlike Windows which has blind faith in all valid passwords?

You're very confused. It's true that, if configured to accept username and password authentication, any system will treat a valid username and password as sufficient. That's why most professional administrators use public key authentication with good private key protection policies. But given an equal configuration of username and password, OpenBSD will be just as trusting as Windows.

Comment Re:Finally.. (Score 1) 135

Yes; mm, cm, m, what are you measuring from? It could be the standard m, but then **37 it would get smaller, not larger.

Remember that in physical calculations, the unit is multiplied as well, not just the value. That's why acceleration is measured in "meters per second per second". If you differentiate one step further, it'll be "meters per second per second per second", and so on. If you don't specify the unit you're working with from the start, the values are *meaningless*.

Comment Re:A couple of test vs. scientific benchmark (Score 1) 258

4GB video RAM is not an issue on 32 bit because the only part of it the host system can address directly is the "aperture". This is the same as how you can use a 1TB disk even with a 32-bit OS and only 1GB RAM. They don't have to all line up directly. Unless I'm just taking modern operating system design for granted and Windows really does require a direct memory map from all video memory to system memory.

Comment Re:And the cost is what? (Score 1) 256

The trend has been that as a market for a commodity electronic product grows, even if workers are being laid off due to increased efficiency, either the volume the company has to produce increases and they need equal or greater workers anyway, or those same workers end up growing new companies. You don't hear of companies like Western Digital going under because they became "too" efficient.

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