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Comment Taxes (Score 1) 233

yay, more taxes for me to pay as an excuse for the government to justify the media corporations why it fail so bad to fight music piracy... i hope they stop the annoying anti-piracy commercials after that

mod me troll if you want, but as a brazilian i am not that happy about this piece of law which adds more taxes than we already have to pay

Comment ethanol scam? (Score 1) 894

weird... we use ethanol over here in Brazil for a long time already, and aside from one crisis on availability of fuel in the past, we never had any problems with our cars. And we blend 25% ethanol into our gas.

Comment Re:Uh, no (Score 1) 503

Weren't the Soviets the first ones into Berlin?

yes they were, but that only happened in the end of WW2 (in the european front atleast), AFTER the US joined the war.

the point was that, without support from the US, the world would look a lot different.

Comment distribution and price (Score 1) 1085

living in brazil, these usually are the reasons for piracy. Many games only reach our market several months after the game was released, and with a price most gamers can't afford to pay (prices like a quarter the average salary interns earn).

Personally, i have been avoiding piracy the most, yet distribution still forces me to go pirate. Recently i tried to purchase Civilization Chronicles directly from the US (since no store sells it in brazil), and no US company would deliver it to my country. So, my options are very limited, and priacy is the only one that looks reasonable.

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