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Comment Re:Yep. And more... (Score 1) 171

FYI, calling people "sheep" is the easiest way to cause everyone to ignore what you're saying.

Not really, a grammar error will do just fine. The laser-like focus on the misplaced comma will incite a half dozen threads about the Oxford Manual of Style, totally obscuring any point the thread had to make.

Comment Re:It cuts both ways I guess (Score 1) 266

Or, you could, for example, keep the perfectly functional operating system you had when you bought the machine. I know, you miss out on the latest shiny and you're vulnerable to some edge case security problem. But it still beeps and whistles like before.

Apple SHOULD do a bit more testing on their upgrades and you'd think because they only have a couple of models of each phone you could manage that, but I guess it's harder than it looks.

Comment Re:Never Upgrade Immediately (Score 1) 266

Oh get a life, dude. Hundreds of thousands of people without problems and a whole bunch with. What I said is really True Gospel, no matter what the fanbois whine about. Apple has been pretty bad about software / firmware upgrades for years. 10.0.0 - now exactly how useful was that, remember? 10.6.0 (which was supposed to fix things - glitches galore. 10.7.0 - a mess, 10.8 - still pretty iffy for a lot of people.

Hey, I use OS X (and iOS) daily - I like it. I'm just happy to let the bleeding edge get all white and pasty and act as beta testers. Of course, this isn't exactly restricted to Apple - Google, Microsoft, Oracle (well, they never actually get it together), HP (um, ditto) and everybody else has issues.

Just don't get all of your panties twisted about. It's a tool. Not an altar.

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