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Comment Re:No reason to light up snipers these days... (Score 2) 303

Yes, the Egyptian military is unusual is that they are not an obvious kleptocracy like most other military juntas. I'm sure that there are senior military members, however, who are economically and politically benefiting from the status quo, but mostly they seem to want to hold on to their position as a mostly secular, stabilizing influence. It's not like they did such a great job before Mosari, however to be fair, it's not clear that anyone could do a whole lot better.

Even without the polarizing aspects of the current Islamic Mess, Egypt is in a tough position: A burgeoning population, poor resource base and the most screwed up political arena on the planet. You know your in trouble when your historical enemy (Israel) is the one country that is actively working to help stabilize day to day issues. Purely enlightened self interest, of course, but still....

Comment Re:Suggestion to BA (Score 1) 123

Along with using both exits, the simple expedient of allowing passengers without large carryons (so everything fits under the seat) to board early has significantly reduced board times.

My next suggestion: Anyone with 'carry on' weighing more than 20 kg gets to fly in the cargo hold - along with the carry on.

Comment Re:Badly! (Score 5, Interesting) 207

Nice thing about military experience, especially military aviation is that they, too, love consistency. Follow orders, follow your checklists, get to work on time and get your job done. I would think that an HR drone would just love that sort of experience. They could check off a half dozen boxes right off the bat and maybe get bonus points for hiring a veteran.

Comment Re:Hyperbole, anyone? (Score 1) 233

You know, the easier way to do this is as follows:

- Germany has significant infrastructure along navigable waterways.
- Boats, even boats available to the lay public, can be quite large and capable of carrying building leveling quantities of ANFO (diesel / ammonium nitrate explosive, also nominally available to the lay public).
- It's a trivial exercise to add automatic piloting to your boat. Add a nice GPS system with routing capabilities and you have a self guided munition that can cause hundreds of casualties or bring down a building or both.

Why is the dog barking?

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