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Comment Re:lateral transfer / evolution (Score 3, Informative) 159

It's still evolution. It's change in response to the environment. LGT (Lateral Gene Transfer) is a Big Deal in the bacterial world - it evolved. You can amplify the effect by causing a selection pressure (ie, put an antibiotic in the flask). But, you can also have de novo point mutations that cause antibiotic resistance - that's done thousands, if not millions of times a day all over the planet. The clever little protists have figured out an even more efficient way to do things.

That's certainly evolution in action.

Comment Re:imho biofuels are stil "bad". (Score 4, Informative) 90

If you looked at TFA, you would notice that what the company has is a way of tailoring long chain hydrocarbon manufacturing through algae production. It can be longer chains like cooking oils, it can be shorter chains like fuel oil. The tech is interesting is that they can actually manipulate the algae well enough to change the final product without resorting to high pressure / high temperature methods like seen in an oil refinery.

What they can't do yet is produce the products in oil refinery-like quantities. That's something they need to do in order to sell it as a fuel, but they've figured out there is potentially a market in smaller quantities of different oils.

Whether or not that happens commercially remains to be seen, but it's a different play on building up to the next Exxon.

I don't think they will ever get there, but who knows?

Comment Re:Do you need a clearance? (Score 1) 358

I'm not so sure how stringent things are. A good friend called me a number of years ago and asked me if I remembered all of the times we had done drugs together. "All of them?" - yep, he was supposed to right them down.

Now, that was college in the 70's and I can't even exactly recall what drugs we used, much less when we used them. They also contacted my father, who at the time had a TS clearance, and asked him. He told them to stuff it. (He was in a couple of years of retirement, didn't really need the clearance but they didn't pull it.)

He got the clearance and the job. He didn't write down the details, just told them he did a fair bunch.

But doing drugs in the 70's won't even get you disqualified from being president. Being gay these days, likewise.

Now, complaining to the local water board about the drinkablitity of what comes out of your tap, that might be problematic.

Comment Re:Allegedly Venezuela By Way of Cuba (Score 1) 536

Now you're using Senators as a proxy for understanding a definition?

You're on pretty shaky ground, there.

(Of course, he can't possibly have a fair trial. They don't want him to have a fair trial. They want him to have a plane crash or a heart attack or better yet, to be found in a compromising position with an underage age dragon of the opposite sex and then have a heart attack while flying a plane.

Comment Re:As the song asks... (Score 4, Insightful) 358

If you don't have a facebook page (with friends...) the question of 'why not' arises.

Are you kidding? You state this on Slashdot?

There are dozens of reasons NOT to have a Facebook account. There are even good reasons for not having a Linkdn account (been spammed there more times than I care to recall). Twitter?

Good grief kids, you can have an active social and professional life with just a telephone. It's not hard - billions of people do it.

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