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Comment Re:Insta-death (Score 4, Informative) 119

Funny, you don't see many dead diabetics in the waiting area, do you? You'd think with all of the media coverage given to people who just get stared at wrong by the TSA we would see a couple more of these sorts of disasters on CNN.

I'm not any friend of Medtronic - they seem to do a barely adequate job on a day to day basis. But give the engineers a bit of credit - they don't just stick these things on a bunch of rabbits and then go out to the bar (the engineers, not the rabbits). The certification process actually does include running the devices by airport scanners these days. Who would have guessed?

Comment Re:Real horsepower (Score 1) 220

Hard to keep horses in the garage in the unlikely event of a (insert specifics here) apocalypse. Horses are a lifestyle - great if you can pull it off. Hay is getting incredibly expensive in a lot of places. Your neighbor might not want their lawn and garden clipped quite so close.

Besides, if you're a real survivalist, you won't touch a horse. They're pretty high maintenance. You want a donkey. Or some goats.

Me, I'll stick to my pickup truck for as long as I can.

Comment Re:If ready for zombies, ready for anything (Score 2) 220

Really doesn't take too much power to keep a good freezer cold. If you run the generator an hour or so per day and don't leave the door open, you can freeze stuff for a long time.

And if you do lose power, you invite the neighbors over and have a big almost-end-of-the-world party.

Comment Re:Use this to reflect on privacy as a whole! (Score 2) 513

Somehow I'm less upset that Amazon thinks I'm a 'Hello Kitty' addict because, last year I bought some USB sticks embedded in the stupid animal to keep people from stealing them (sort of worked). Now, every time I log in, I get greeted with the stupid feline despite the fact that I have purchased many other things in the interim.

If that's the level of integration and coordination that Amazon has, if Experion still thinks I started working for Boeing when I was ten years old (confusing my father with me, completely different names), then I'm not too awfully worried.

If the feds think that I'm still in contact with the weirdo pot dealer from college, I'm less amused. Hell, at least they could give me a decent phone number for her.

Comment Re:People don't care because they're too stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 513

And exactly what do the tens of thousands of random fire arms do for you in an attempt to foil the powers that be?

Planning on taking over the neighborhood Air Force base with a few of your friends and convincing the pilots to bomb DC? Overrun the National Guard Armory and steal some Vietnam era trucks and a few radios (oops, wrong frequency ..)

The reason that Afghanistan is so fucked up and will remain a fucked up, neo feudal society is that they are stuck in small squad infantry tactics (along with a bizarre misogynist, xenophobic religion). Yes, then can fight a asymmetric war, but clean water and power, not so much. For better or worse, the standard of living in the US and similar countries is dependent on a complicated weave of people, business and law. You can break the system, but then you've bought it. How are all the disconnected angry people with guns going to rebuild a society?

Is it really going to be better than what we have? Can you think of some, perhaps less violent ways of accomplishing something useful?

I don't think that an armed citizenry is keeping the government from doing what it wants. Remember, the powers that be don't want any drastic change - it's how they make their money. We still need to role back the intrusiveness of government in the world, but it's a slow, messy process.

Comment Re:media inaccuracy (Score 1) 618

Protip: If you're going to cook a pill, any pill, so as to inject it:

1) Reconsider strongly what you are going to do - it's not very smart no matter how you prep it.
2) Filter the solution. Lots of organic chemistry stuff available online for your safety and enjoyment.
3) Consider an organic chemistry course in college. Attend the labs.
4) Do not watch Mad Men reruns.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 2) 618

Colorado is working on it for marijuana. They appear to be taking a careful, considered approach and I'm going to bet this is the framework for all sorts of 'bad for you but good for the economy' things to wander down the pike.

This country is looking like something out of a Robert Heinlein novel. Where's The Prophet?

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