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Comment Re:Let Me Explain (Score 1) 550

Ok, now it makes a bit more sense.

My wife actually tells me to go play games some times. It does our relationship good to be apart some times too. She goes shopping, I stay in and play some games.

Granted I don't have kids *yet* and I know they'll eat some of our time together/alone however I currently can't imagine everything becoming so needy I have no time at all.

Comment Re:Is there a way to use this to install Linux? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

Theoretically you could run some kind of shell on there, so yes, you could run android or linux, but it'd still be running within windows.

And yes, you'd need to flip this bit each time you booted.

What is more interesting is the fact you maybe able to completely rewrite the whole thing; getting rid of windows entirely...

Comment Re:No working Skype for Android either (Score 3, Informative) 372

1. Not for me
2. Not for me
3. Not for me
4. Not for me
5. Not for me
6. Not for me.

Have you attempted to raise any bugs, give any indication of what device your using or anything you've tried? No?

I'm all for MS bashing (see previous comments :D) however spoutting utter shit like this without any facts is 1. expected on slashdot, 2. unhelpful to everyone other than trolls.

Comment Re:Sick leaves (Score 1) 670

Some doctors can do phone appointments, that'd work from home.

Plumbers?....... aren't those the guys who fix my internet pipes right?

Sales people, depending on the type of sales, may work from home too. (Sales assistants on the other hand - shop workers... well yeah - and guess who comes into contact with the dirty general public the most?!)

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