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Comment Re:Madness (Score 1) 665

Children don't have many rights, that's true; and it's true even those rights and freedoms that remain are being eroded. But children do grow up. And they DO remember. If the cohort in question, the current generation of children-through-teenagers, aren't too fragmented to coalesce into a Movement reminiscent of that of the "Sixties," well, it may be fun to watch. Just mix in enough pissed off kids and a few charismatic leaders with a Message. . . By the way, when I was a teenager back in the "Sixties," just like today, nobody listened nor wanted to; every generation faces the same hurdle it seems. And remember that great 60's anthem "we won't be fooled again"? Sadly, most of my generation and the following generations didn't remember or care to. The consequences are obvious.

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