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Comment Re:Stop that (Score 1) 101

Comment Re:The first question that popped into my head (Score 1) 139

Bullshit. Every film on HDDVD was released in 1080p, just like on Blu-ray. Interlaced video is only used for high-framerate television recordings.

also, ironically, most top tier BD50 movies that came out in the first year or two would have fit on a 30GB HD DVD disc (some may have required lossy compression like DTS 1.5) like Pirates, Crank, Ratatouille, Baraka, Corpse Bride, No Country For Old Men. you could probably even with a bit of hand tweaking (or easily with h.264) get Harry Potter into 30gb (most are under with 2 and 3 at ~35gb).

Comment a 30p / 60p example (Score 1) 521

source: Neuro's demo Masagin (apologies, it's not my best encode, but i had to work and wanted to get all the samples up ASAP)
(for more wheezy computers)
halfres 720p30:
halfres 720p60:
(for manly computers that eat HD for breakfast (or just a $30 radeon 3000+ or geforce 8000+ and mpc hc))

parts that especially leap out at me as being noticeable (altho 90% is noticeably not 60fps smooth to me)

Comment Re:Tough times ahead for Nvidia? (Score 1) 195

Unless ATI's drivers stabilize, Nvidia will always have a market in the high-end gaming market.

i've never had issues with stability (other than installer hosing vista once), but never had a BSOD. *performance*, on the other hand, of bleeding edge games i hear (from a trusted friend) is hit or miss. my dumb ass still bought one (to play *my* first ever bleeding edge game, NFS: Shift)

Comment Personal Experience (Score 1) 292

My PS3 failed... (at first texture glitches, but then it completely died after a FW update) ...but this was after running it pretty much for 6-8 months straight (folding@home) in a light-to-medium dusty environment. i suspect a clean, server room environment might have fared better. this was a launch month (but not launch day) 60GB. my nick can be searched on the f@h page for whatever details can be gleaned...

Comment Re:MB prices (Score 1) 100

i wouldn't really say plummet. the cheapest i've seen is $180. down from $200 which it has sat at for a while. i got the MSI X58 Pro Openbox for $131 ...but then had to spend $48 on NB/SB coolers (2 x $24 for the HR-05 IFX; i probably could have gotten away with 1 + a cheaper SB cooler, but i was in a rush and didn't want to do even MORE searching and wait for it before powering on the machine)

i THINK the X58M MSRP is supposed to be $160, but that hasn't trickled down, yet.

Comment Slightly disturbing... (Score 1) 334

i'm slightly disturbed (but not entirely). a fair portion of my fave tracks i've bought on old, crufty Physical Media but haven't bothered to rerip an already "pretty good" scene encode (i'm an -m s fan that refuses to break the habit). thankfully most aren't RIAA artists.

maybe someone wants to analyze the data that Last.FM outputs? (i didn't RTFM .. yet)

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