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Comment Re:It's a shame too... (Score 4, Informative) 321

With, you can simply append a "+" to the URL and get an information page showing, between other information, which URL hides behind it, e.g. I don't know if they have a setting to always display this info page, but I'm sure there are usersrcipts and bookmarklets out there that automatically append a "+" to every link.

Comment Re:Man. (Score 4, Insightful) 565

Please tell me you aren't someone who is going to condemn an entire industry because of one accident. No human enterprise ever attempted managed to get underway without mistakes.

If it's an industry where one mistake translates to environmental and economical damage on the scale we are witnessing at the gulf coast right now, then yes, condemning (and perhaps even abolishing) said industry may be the right thing to do.

Comment Re:Rality distorsion field (Score 4, Insightful) 944

That statement from Jobs is absolutely tactless. Not only did he ridicule the work of the KHTML devs ("a small open source project"), he didn't even feel like writing out its name. I really love what Apple's done with WebKit, but Jobs could at least acknowledge that, thanks to KHTML, they had a great foundation to build upon.

Comment Re:F1 Technology eh (Score 1) 175

Formula1's obsession with security only really began with Ayrton Senna's tragic death. What the engineers have achieved since then is nothing else but breathtaking. Have a look at some crashes from the last decade on Youtube (e.g. Robert Kubica in 2007). In todays F1 cars, you can basically drive into a concrete wall at 120 mph and come out of the wreck with little more than a dizzy head. And that's what you call "not doing their job"?

Comment Re:Can't see why this would matter. (Score 4, Insightful) 736

A cardiac surgeon doesn't know much otolaryngology;

That analogy would be correct if people wouldn't know the difference between Java programmers and C++ programmers. I'm pretty sure every cardiologist would feel a bit insulted if a patient wouldn't know the difference between him and a nurse. Nothing against nurses, every hospital would collapse without their work.

Comment Re:On a related note.. (Score 1) 130

If you mean this DjangoCMS: yes, I use it for a couple of smalish sites (bigger ones to follow). While it has great potential, it's very noticeable that it is a new product that has not seen a stable release yet (although its version number is 2.0.0 RC2). It's a fast moving target right now, but I really like the direction it is going. With a bit of polish and some community building, this could become one of Django's killer applications.

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