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Comment Re:Light Sensing Switch -- there's your problem... (Score 1) 467

Agreed. Unless he's using dusk-to-dawn switches explicitly designed for cfl bulbs he's just tossing money away. Most older style switches (the predominant types on the market) will state that they should not be used be used with cfl bulbs. To the GP you might consider something like the following: http://www.touchandglow.com/product-p/s-751mg-2pk.htm which as I understand it basically applies a Schmitt trigger to keep the bulb from fluctuating between states.

Comment Re:Gravel roads are cheap but need more maintenanc (Score 1) 717

No. You are profoundly misinformed. California even prior to the current budget crisis had among the highest student to teacher ratios in the nation. Moreover their funding per student is among the lowest in the nation. The only strawman I can see is your reference to the 'single largest line item' which I suspect you know full well does not accurately portray overall funding. Teacher pay is typically higher in California, BUT not in proportion to the cost of living in the state. See this 2002 report for a dose of reality: http://www.ed-data.k12.ca.us/Articles/CalRankings.asp

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