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Comment Here's what I do on OS X, MacBook Pro (Score 1) 1021

I'm on OS X on a MacBook Pro. I use FileVault to encrypt my home directory and I use PGP Disk to encrypt two virtual drives (personal drive and my work drive).

This leaves my Shared user unencrypted, as well as all of my Application directories, System, etc. My Shared user is where I keep my music files and my iPhote directories, etc, btw.

I then set up two users and set my preferences so that it doesn't show the list of users at login, but instead makes you type in the login info. I have me, my regular user, but I also have a user with the name 'dev' that I can log into without a password.

With this setup there's a fair bit of my drive that isn't encrypted, and if someone does a file search for pictures or movies or music they will see some results. Hopefully they won't notice the encrypted virtual disks (which don't mount for the dev user) or notice that there's another user on the machine that they can't get into...

Honestly though, I'd probably just ship my laptop to wherever I'm going. If Customs intercepts it they can copy the harddrive for all I care - they won't have access to my work files, etc without some major key cracking powers.

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