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Comment Re:The NRA must be pleased (Score 1) 520

But a whole bunch of people spend a whole lot of time and money making sure that nutjobs have access to guns that fire 60 rounds per minute.

You mean the military, right?

Wait, let me try again.

But a whole bunch of people spend a whole lot of time and money making sure that nutjobs have access to guns that fire 60 rounds per minute.

If you practice reloading, you can reasonably fire more than 60 rounds per minute from a semi-automatic rifle. If you practice firing enough, you can reasonably put many of them on target, too. Today's actual assault rifles (actually designed for military use, and sold only to militaries in this country and most others which permit firearm ownership) will put hundreds of rounds on target per minute, not a mere five dozen.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 520

Check up on Connecticut's gun laws, it seems they outlawed hunting with AR-15s and maybe some other weapons on public lands. If they are properly registered you may still hunt with them on private lands, though. I just did a little googling around for "most restrictive" and that's one of the things I came up with.

I don't really care to own such weapons at this point so I don't know if California is still banning all AK and AR series weapons not registered in 2000 from private ownership and transfer... I have olde timey guns

Comment Re:Yay fanboi mods (Score 1) 476

Every time I tell this story, I get downmods from people who are too cowardly to reply, because they know they have no valid argument in favor of this kind of behavior from Apple.

Technically speaking, people who mod you can't reply in that topic.

Right. If they weren't cowards, they'd reply instead of trollvoting.

But I'll reply in their stead: you're being a troll.

Wrong, and also wrong. You don't even know what a troll is. You might argue I'm flamebaiting, but what I'm actually doing is constructing a valid argument that fanbois can't handle.

Comment Re:There are other applications (Score 1) 291

I realize that I am talking about antiques now but there has always been variety in GPU power envelopes. a 240GT consumes 1/2 the power of a 250GT but provides 3/4 the performance, which is why I got the 240. My whole PC consumes less than 200 watts typical and less than 300 peak, and it's got six cores and a decent GPU for its time.

Comment Re: If you can't be the best (Score 1) 476

The Kia has about the same reliability these days as BMW or Mercedes. And it loses its value dramatically slower. A BMW which is just ten years old has typically lost 70-90% of its value. Only five series hold their value at all, and that's been slipping hard as well. Mercedes are pretty much the same, plus the dealers are worse about parts prices than anyone but Ford.

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