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Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

OK fine, they over-subscribe. Now that $120/month/customer is actually $2.50/month at 50:1. The problem is when, on top of that effective cap on the rate they ALSO impose a cap on data transferred. I'm not expecting the theoretical peak rate to become a committed rate, but adding transfer caps on top of providing a 50:1 oversubscribed 0 commit connection would be an insult.

So no, the numbers don't add up, but not the way you think.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 206

This is state law in Montana:

If I dig a pond, and fill it with water I own rights to, and pay property taxes on that land, then buy fish from a hatchery and stock my own pond with fish I paid for -- I still need a fishing license to fish in my own pond for my own fish.

How does that have anything to do with overfishing? since I provided 100% of their habitat out of my own pocket, and paid for the fish as well??

Comment Re:zimmerman stalked the poor kid (Score 1) 588

"Basically, you have reached a conclusion without actually knowing the facts of the case, and then reinterpreted the evidence to support your conclusion."

Isn't that precisely what "parallel construction" does to create "evidence" ?? Isn't that what slashdotters were roundly condemning just a couple weeks ago ??

Comment Re:Locks? (Score 1) 200

This is why their domestic spying is unforgivable. As soon as they started doing that, they created a conflict of interest. It is their mission to protect th U.S. and it's Citizens from spying, but it spies on th citizens and so wants to weaken their resistance to spying.

They have lied to the people, to Congress, and the courts. At this point, they are useless. Nothing they say about anything can be trusted.

Comment Re:Another excuse? (Score 1) 212

Actually, no. Laziness and/or lack of discipline is the reason for being over weight.

So which are you then? lazy or undisciplined (martial arts fail?)

The opening to your previous post certainly sends a different message than you intended. I agree that healthy is quite possible even for someone who is deemed overweight. Personally I have always been overweight, even when I used to have time to bicycle 10-20 miles a day (easily exdhausting friends who were near their ideal weight and so deemed 'healthy').

Comment Re:Another excuse? (Score 1) 212

Congratulations! I knew if I kept reading I would sooner or later find someone with fingers jammed into their ears singing "LA LA LA LA, I'm better than they are because they're fat" and you are the first! Honestly I'm surprised I had to scroll down this far to find it.

You see, some people have other things to do.

So good for you that your free time, personal interests and gut bacteria aligned in your favor, but you might want to can that 'lazy' talk. Consider, Sammo Hung is also fond of the martial arts and though he is in good shape, that shape is round.

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