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Comment Re:open source (Score 1) 4

I suppose I could... but patching programs that are actively developed is a pain. Assuming the upstream developers don't accept my patch, I'd have to start maintaining my own version, and I don't IRC enough for it to be worth my while.

Since apple's guidelines (stupidly, imho) tell developers that they should use the system wide settings for proxies, other programs are likely to be affected too. So what I'd like is a global fix that doesn't involve patching other people's software.

It would be cool to have a socks router of sorts, that I could run locally (and then put "localhost" in for the systemwide socks setting), and then I could configure it to route different ports (or even hosts) over different proxies... say, IRC here, port 80 here, except port 80 to this host go here instead. If such a proxy could speak socks5 on the port it listens on, and be able to route out over socks4 (for openssh) as one of it's output methods, that would rock.

Journal Journal: Panther SOCKS configuration problem 4

I want to use Colloquy over an SSH socks proxy. (OpenSSH's client can provide a SOCKS4 proxy with the -D option). Mozilla and other programs can already use the proxy without trouble when configured to do so in their own prefs.

Comment Re:Final scratch (Score 1) 180

I saw a product that was basically final scratch for audio at last years macworld SF. But instead working with sound into the computer, it had a small camera tpye device mounted at the end of the sytlus, and a special record with black and white squares on it. The software they were showing with it had it acting as a controller for quicktime. Unfortunatly i can't remember the name of the company.

Journal Journal: Mozilla 2

mmmmm. My software was a bit out of date.


GNU is Not Unix

Journal Journal: Gnutella 6

I haven't used a p2p net in quite some time, and I needed to get a song this morning. So I installed gtk-gnutella on my debian box, and am now happily running it over X forwarding to my mac. I have pretty fast DSL, and a lot of music, so I opened a port on my firewall and configured gtk-gnutella to be an "ultra peer", whatever that means. My intent is to share some files while I'm downloading. For some reason, try as I might, I can't seem to do that. I've downloaded about a hundred files now,

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Journal Journal: Speakeasy's NetShare is a Scam 9, the ISP recently referred to as the "world's greatest ISP" on the front of slashdot, is trying to scam people. The new NetShare plan sounds pretty good, from the available information on their public site. Speakeasy has long encouraged people to run free wireless APs, and it shouldn't be surprising that some people are using wireless technology to share DSL costs with their


Journal Journal: Why is Apple Music removing tracks? 2

I saw a billboard for in Emeryville yesterday. (Didn't they agree not to ever do that, back when Apple Records sued them?)


Journal Journal: Mike Hawash Charged

Mike Hawash has finally been charged, with "conspiracy to levy war against the United States, conspiracy to provide material support to al Qaeda and conspiracy to contribute services to al Qaeda and the Taliban". Reuters has an initial story here, and another one

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Journal Journal: Coalition Oil Action

Entertaining Operation Iraqi Liberation anagrams:

  • Coalition: Oil Action
  • Coalition Forces: Antics of Oil CEO
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom: Iraq, Ore, Neo Media Profit
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Journal Journal: 2

Slashdot almost lets you edit other people's journals! (It doesn't let you save them, but I don't think you should even be able to get far enough to try)

(note: users who aren't logged in won't get it when they click that link)


Journal Journal: Safari v73 4

Safari v73, or "beta 2", is working quite well. The cmd-W bug that plagued me in v62 (it usually closes tabs, but sometimes closed the whole window) is fixed. Tabs look a bit better. The rendering engine has all the new fixes Hyatt has been talking about. Tabs can extend off the edge when you get too many. It could just be my imagination, but I think it's faster, too.


Journal Journal: Microsoft WMA support officially coming to Linux 6

According to an article at, Microsoft has asked a company called InterVideo to port WMA support to Linux. "We believe most of the major consumer electronics companies are looking at the Linux platform as a stable, low-cost solution for multimedia functionality," said Steve Ro, InterVideo's CEO. They aren't porting Windows Media Player, however, j

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