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Comment Re:ISS spotting (Score 1) 183

If you've got a Twitter account, Twisst is a wonderful service which will send you a message, giving you about a day's warning to the next overpass. Since it gets your city from Twitter, it directly gives you a time and direction to look towards. It's a lot of fun, and very easy to remember to watch out. Check it out.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 235

Nope, that's because the people who would use Perl to "throw together a website" are now using PHP and its libraries instead, and good for them. People interested in writing games, applications or well-designed websites (to say nothing of its core "throw together a script or one-liner" market) still use Perl.

Comment Re:Not just P2P (Score 1) 458

There is this odd ideal among music lovers that just because you enjoy a certain kind of music so much you will feel obligated to pay for it out of the kindness of your heart.

It's not an "odd ideal": I support bands I enjoy to encourage them to produce more music I like. I agree that many people are music listeners rather than music lovers, and definitely this argument doesn't work for musicians who are dead (I just can't afford to pay them to perform again). That's why the mass music industry is so jittery about piracy: it's music listeners who want most to listen to music for free or almost-free (on subscription-based services or internet radio) who will be the first to leave them.


Legends of Zork Goes Live 76

TinBromide writes "The developers over at Jolt Online Gaming have released Legends of Zork to the general public. It's a free, browser-based, adventure game based on the world of Zork. You play as a Traveling Salesman, recently laid off from FrobozzCo. You start off in a clearing, where a white house has a boarded up door. From there, you can do what you like. Explore the world, fight other salesmen in PVP, or try out your Darkvision Goggles in the dark — just try not to get eaten by a grue." It's free in that you're given 30 Action Points each day, which are consumed by moving about and fighting. Their business model is that if you want more Action Points, you can purchase more.
United States

New Bill Would Repeal NIH Open Access Policy 223

pigah writes "The Fair Copyright in Research Works Act has been reintroduced into Congress. The bill will ban open access policies in federal agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These policies require scientists to provide public access to their work if it has been funded with money from an agency with an open access policy. Such policies ensure that the public has access to read the results of research that it has funded. It appears that Representative John Conyers (D-MI), the author of the bill, is doing the bidding of publishing companies who do not want to lose control of this valuable information that they sell for exorbitant fees thereby restricting access by the general public to an essentially public good."

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