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Submission + - AVG Anti-Virus to Users: Pray for mercy, infidels! ( 1

Lincoln6Echo writes: I've been using and reselling AVG products for a few years now. Lately they appear to have begun a campaign to "be more corporate". I'd like to add my two cents towards their new corporate image and to user's impression of non-compromised AVG updates: remove the page that says "Pray for mercy, infidels!" from your SSL protected website. I found it when I made a mistake logging into the resellers console at (not which is supposed to now redirect you to

Submission + - Terry Pratchett diagnosed with Alzheimer's

ElrondHubbard writes: Bad news for Discworld fans (and everyone else): Associated Press reports that Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld novels and others, has been diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer's disease. "I would have liked to keep this one quiet for a little while, but ... it seems to me unfair to withhold the news," according to an online post by Pratchett, but "Frankly, I would prefer it if people kept things cheerful, because I think there's time for at least a few more books yet :o)".

Submission + - Google Launches Highly Open Participation Contest

zakame writes: "Leslie Hawthorn of Google's Open Source Programs Office has just announced the launch of the Highly Open Participation Contest in her talk here at the Open Source Developers' Conference in Brisbane, Australia. This program is open for high school and pre-university students who are wanting to get into the Summer of Code but could not (either because its not summer, or they're not college students, or both,) and participating students can work in areas other than coding, like preparing training materials and documentation, or researching into user experiences. Participating mentor organizations include Apache, GNOME, and Drupal, among others."

Submission + - Linux Users Can't Sell On eBay ( 2

bobintetley writes: Many Linux/Firefox users are reporting problems uploading images to eBay. Having tested this myself, it is indeed completely broken. Why eBay would break standard HTTP uploads by using IE specific javascript to "check the file exists" boggles the mind. This problem has been reported to eBay since late October, but so far with no resolution. eBay have since stated that only IE is supported. I guess when you have no real competition you can pull stunts like this.

Submission + - Obama to cut NASA budget for education

mknewman writes: MSN is reporting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's education policy is causing a stir ... but not all in a good way. Advocates for space exploration are noting with dismay that he'd take billions of dollars from NASA to pay for the educational programs he'd like to expand.

The shift from exploration to education came last week when Obama talked up his $18 billion education plan during a New Hampshire campaign swing. Actually, the reference to NASA comes at the end of a 15-page document laying out the details behind the plan (PDF file):

"The early education plan will be paid for by delaying the NASA Constellation Program for five years, using purchase cards and the negotiating power of the government to reduce costs of standardized procurement, auctioning surplus federal property, and reducing the erroneous payments identified by the Government Accountability Office, and closing the CEO pay deductibility loophole. ..."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - What Geeky Things Must Be Done? 2

John writes: A few weeks ago, my friends were discussing "The Princess Bride", and most of the references went completely over my head — I've not seen it all the way through, nor read the book. Naturally, revealing this fact made these people look at me as if I'd just moved into town from under some rock. This led into a discussion of the things that most general geeks should be expected to know; for example, reciting the inscription on the One Ring, or (apparently) quoting "Princess Bride" on-demand. The suggestions we came up with ranged from personal things, like having one's movie/game library in an online database, to big, world-scoped things like contributing to an open-source project of your choosing. I'm curious to know what the general consensus is on the most obvious or biggest geek/nerd things that should be seen, done, or read/watched/heard.
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Journal SPAM: Cancel My Subscription / To the Resurrection 2

Watch The Film

Amnesty International have just released a truly powerful film to coincide with the official launch of the unsubscribe campaign.

This film shows a performance artist undergoing, for real, interrogation techniques permitted in the CIA handbook.
Warning: Some viewers may find this disturbing. Unsuitable for under 14s.
Please turn your speakers up


Submission + - Apple Adds Memory Randomization (ALSR) to Leopard

.mack writes: "Apple has announced plans to add code-scrambling diversity to Mac OS X Leopard, a move aimed at making the operating system more resilient to virus and worm attacks. The security technology, known as ASLR (address space layout randomization), randomly arranges the positions of key data areas to prevent malware authors from predicting target addresses. Another new feature coming in Leopard is Sandboxing (systrace), which limits an application's access to the system by enforcing access policies for system calls."

Submission + - The truth about image stabilization

An anonymous reader writes: Image stabilization is the biggest feature in digital cameras right now, but is it the cure all that camera manufacturers would like us to believe? This feature looks at the different types of image stabilization, how they work and what side effects they can cause.

Submission + - The Internet Turns 10 (in Vietnam) (

corigo writes: "I still remember when we got our first dialup account here in Ho Chi Minh city in December of 1997. In the beginning individuals were not allowed access and you had to have a company license to get a dialup account. Ten years on where is the internet in Vietnam? Internet access and usage has climbed from 200,000 in the year 2000 to 16,700,000 in 2007 or almost 20% of the population! (

Vietnam is preparing a symposium for the 10 year anniversary of internet in Vietnam. So what is next for Vietnam? Majors players like Intel, Canon, Renesas, Acer, Brother, etc. are currently investing Billions of dollars into manufacturing and assembly in Vietnam and Vietnam is struggling to build a software development outsourcing market. I'll tell you what I'm hoping for, cheaper internet access. A single Fixed IP aDSL line still costs $200/month!!!"


Submission + - Robotic submarine maps worlds deepest sinkhole

holy_calamity writes: The world's deepest water-filled sinkhole has finally been mapped — by a robotic submarine who's descendants may swim on one of Jupiter's moons. The last attempt to find the bottom yielded the SCUBA diving depth record and the death of a diving legend. The sub's SONAR found that the divers were about 10m from the floor, and that the sinkhole which is over 300m deep could be connected to even deeper caves.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Can Linus Torvalds Sing?

gbulmash writes: "In my discussions with anti-copyright activists, I have asked what business models would replace those powered by copyright to provide creators with financial incentive to create. Four came up most often: donations, ad revenues, sponsorships, and product placement. I don't include subscription, because paying a subscription fee for the exact same product you can get for free through another channel is technically a donation.

Well, the proof is in the pudding they say. While open source software has been proven viable, open source art... kids aren't hopping buses to Hollywood to pursue dreams of becoming open source rock stars. They're after fame and fortune. So I propose a challenge to those who oppose copyright. Create 5 break-out stars in five different artistic categories who gain that stardom on the strength of works that are licensed into the public domain or via an open source license. Prove your copyright-free business models can create the levels of fame and fortune that will inspire the next generation of artists."

Submission + - Wales To Convince China To Lift Wikipedia Ban

An anonymous reader writes: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales hopes China's government officials will consider unblocking the site. In this short video interview, he said: "I'll be visiting China later this year to set up some meetings...I have some contacts who have agreed to help me set up meetings as high a level as we can possibly get to try and talk to them about this problem and see if we can get unblocked."

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