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Comment Re:Article (Score 2) 52

Er, it is implemented in the client! S/MIME has been implemented by all non-webmail clients for years. When used correctly it's more or less transparent: every email is signed (you get an smime.p7s attachment), and if you receive a signed mail and have S/MIME configured too, your client can/will automatically encrypt the response.

But there are reasons it's not widely used: in the consumer space, most people don't bother getting an email address cert (even though Comodo and StartSSL give them away for free, it takes 2 minutes). And in the corporate space, often you don't actually want employees using end to end encryption, because you need the ability to do things like have internal messaging archives that are searchable, you need the ability to do document discovery when you get sued, employees suck at key management and keep losing them, etc.

Encrypted asynchronous messaging is just a tremendously hard problem. Look at agl's Pond project to get a flavor for what doing it seriously takes.

Comment Re:Charity vs Taxation (Score 1) 362

The money sitting in the Caribbean wasn't earned in the USA anyway. It's sitting there waiting for either:

1) The USA to drop its stupid double taxation policies (the money was already taxed once, where it was earned, and most countries try to avoid double taxing in this situatoin). In that case the money could be reallocate to the USA and spent there, where it would of course eventually get taxed again in the process of being paid out as wages or buying things, but at least just moving it into the states wouldn't be a taxable event.

2) A use for it to crop up outside the USA.

Obviously there's nothing you can spend billions of dollars on in the Caribbean - that's just a holding area until the money finds somewhere to be more useful.

Comment Re:Game is okay (Score 1) 110

I played through Dishonored several times because I was needing a stealth fix. The method of gameplay does affect the outcome but the number of those outcomes isn't huge (think Mass Effect 3's Pick-A-Colour ending). Dishonored was far too easy, I play on the hardest difficulty and ghosted it ending with a happy cutscene ending, hardest and killed everyone where plague rats ran amok and the end cutscene was rather grim and everything in between.

The Blink spell and Dark Vision spells made the game a walk in the park.

It's a very good game and does pay homage to the Thief series in a few parts. If you see it on sale, it's worth a buy if only for another type of stealthy-type game.

Comment Re:You just got low expectations (Score 1) 110

System Shock 2 is available on for both PC and Mac. It is one of the finest FPS/sneak/RP games you will ever play. It is still is my #1 spot.

Because I am such a wonderful person, email me (address is visible above) with a random bunch of junk text then reply to this post with the same junk and I'll gift you the game. You can be playing it in an hour...

Comment Re:My thoughts as a die-hard Thief fan. (Score 1) 110

It doesn't help the story, add to characterization, flesh out the setting, etc, it's just there because someone wanted to get away with it and be edgy. Except that too much of it and it just becomes stupid and puerile, actively hurting the final product

Thank you! You explained my overall dissatisfaction with it far better than I did. It didn't help or improve Thief in any way whatsoever.

Comment Re:My thoughts as a die-hard Thief fan. (Score 1) 110

Save your preaching, they are only games.

We play the Thief series as pure stealth games, we don't kill (except perhaps monsters). It's like grown up Hide & Seek.

The stuff in the new Thief you see in the brothel is pretty nice (for a grownup :)) but I don't want my almost-8 year old seeing S&M or some whore riding a guy. Maybe you do, but I'd rather not.

Tell me, Freud, what is my main problem?

Comment My thoughts as a die-hard Thief fan. (Score 4, Informative) 110

I love all things Thief and have since the first release of Thief: The Dark Project.

What the new Thief gets right:
- Stealth. Just as good as previous iterations.
- Lock picking. Similar to what we had with Thief: Deadly Shadows.
- Rope Arrows. Only because they are back after disappearing in Deadly Shadows- Lighting & atmosphere. I think they nailed it.
- Difficulty: Oh yes... they nailed this. The Iron Man setting looks great (you die, game over. You have to restart from scratch) as well as may other great tweaks. Like turning off that stupid Focus (see below)

What the new Thief gets wrong:
- Rope Arrows. Yay, they are back, but they can only be shot into special wood beams with rope wrapped around them. The original rope arrows could be shot into almost any type of wood, even walls and many trees, allowing for great exploration.
- Focus. This is Thief, not Dishonored. Fuck off, Focus.
- Swearing and sex. I'm not a prude, but I would have liked hearing more "Taffer" and "Benny's drunk"-type talk over "fuck fuck fuck fuck" and the hot sexness in the brothel. Some of us play these games with our kids.
- Scripted actions. Escape-type scenes. Very new Tomb Raider. Maybe it's part of 'reimagining' games that these scenes seem necessary.
I'm in to the third part of the story (the brothel) and while I am loving the new Thief as a die-hard fan, there are some serious shortcomings.

Comment Re:Another way to look at it... (Score 1) 357

Just today on the news some Canadian luge folks were lamenting coming in 4th. Some were suggesting the Russians slowed the track down for them by raising the track temperature. No proof, of course.

It was embarsssing to hear my countrymen spewing such sour grapes without any evidence. You lost, deal with it. Don't blame your suits, the weather, Russian subterfuge, cosmic rays, whatever...

Comment Old thinking. (Score 1) 118

The music industry just doesn't get the 21st century. Their business model worked well enough (they get most of the cash, the artists got peanuts) in the day when the only way to get music was on physical media manufactured and distributed by them.

My empathy is 100% with the artists, not a thing for the non-musical side of the business.

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