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Comment Re:Those pesky Michigan people... (Score 3, Informative) 525

No, they are not citizens, they are now property of the State. They can hold elections and have their elected government dissolved. They do not have a functional vote.. They have no say in their government. They are taxed without representation. Michigan has serious issues, and their new martial law techniques raise serious questions.

Comment Re:Enjoy! (Score 5, Insightful) 333

Fascism, with its merging of corporate, political, and military power, is almost complete in America. Too much 'rah rah USA, we so free, we so great, god just loves United States !', from a young age. Brainwashed people don't see it coming. Those who do go crazy trying to get others to see it. Even today, people who own a car, or a home, or even a business think they are part of the ownership class. They cheer the corporations on as if they will benefit. They believe they are part of the people who own enough wealth to create international policy, national policy, and military support of that policy. Silly people, they think they are part of the rich, when all they make is hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. If you aren't making governments bend to your desire, you are not part of the ownership class.

Comment Evil scientist (Score 0) 338

First they give everything more names to confuse things. How many things can there really be ? There was one ark. Everything fit on the ark. That things appear different is just a miracle from God. I'm waiting for the story to break that there are actually far fewer gods than the average fox viewer thought there was.

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