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Comment Evil scientist (Score 0) 338

First they give everything more names to confuse things. How many things can there really be ? There was one ark. Everything fit on the ark. That things appear different is just a miracle from God. I'm waiting for the story to break that there are actually far fewer gods than the average fox viewer thought there was.

Comment odd (Score 2) 225

I would think that if I, chose, to photograph my home. I would also get to chose what is visible in the yard, through the windows, in the drive, etc. I can chose to share photos I chose to take, any way I want. I took them, they are how I want my property presented, they don't invade my privacy. Having Google driving onto my property and take photos is completely different, and the judge seems to agree. I would have awarded them more than $1. They need to find something they authored in the street view photos, and then sue Google for copyright infringement for each use of the image. I hear that copyright infringement can get tens of thousands of dollars per shared item.

Comment Re:Is it on another planet? (Score 1) 405

Still carbon based life. This is about the phosphorus in the backbone of DNA and high energy particles like ATP being replaced with arsenic. A non carbon life would use Si instead of C for example. In the wild these bacteria use phosphorus. In the lab they prefer phosphorus, but can be forced to use arsenic.

Comment Re:What's the deal with the rush of TSA stories re (Score 1) 1135

In the same boat as you. This year I plan to make a huge scene. Either yelling ""Stop molesting them, HELP !", or "HELP ! He is Touching My Penis! HELP !" I did not sign away my rights as part of the business transaction that took place between me and the airline I bought my ticket from. I won't fly again. I looked at train for the same trip. 5 extra travel days, $40 more. Worth it for me from this point on.

Comment Re:What's the deal with the rush of TSA stories re (Score 1) 1135

I do have a right to get on the plane. I purchased a ticket. I completed a business transaction. I did not sign away my rights as part of that deal. There is no justification to take away my rights in the name of security. I have the right to get on the plane I paid to be on, they do not have the right to take my rights away. If I didn't have the right to be on that plane, I would not have a ticket, and the airline would not have my money. If I pay the bus driver, I have every right to be on that bus.

Comment Re:Now get rid of the Yellow Pages (Score 2, Informative) 360

When I needed a water pump for my washer, I went to the book to get a listing of part suppliers in my area. The internet is great for finding parts, shitty for finding parts in stock, in my area, at a shop open today. The yellow pages are a great resource. But this FA was about the white pages. The residential listings. This is not about the yellow book of advertisers. That one probably pays for itself.

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