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Comment Re:Does anyone care? (Score 1) 4

Obviously not, or Google would make an app for it. But you have to wonder, is this a play to reduce Microsoft's success in the mobile market? Gmail is a central piece in most people's lives, and a native app is certainly going to affect your decision on phone choice. Desktop users still have the web apps so that's not likely going to be an issue. One further consideration: enterprise-issued devices. Many of us don't have a choice when it comes to enterprise devices. They give you a phone and that's what you get. For people who can't use Good, or don't want to carry two phones, this would be annoying.

Journal Journal: Installing Ubuntu on an HP P6-2330 with UEFI

I finally got my new PC in. It's an HP P6-2330 and boy am I not happy to find that it uses UEFI with Windows 8 as a sentry keeping me from installing Linux. At least it's trying anyway. I'm going to document my efforts here to see if I can make Linux on this thing a reality.

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Journal Journal: Barge to Hell

Happy Five Percent Friday! Unfortunately, due to promises I made earlier in the week, I have to put in more than 5% today. I'm reorganizing our ColdFusion drives and consolidating them all into 3, down from about a billion. Of course, with ColdFusion, this means I have to make actual file edits to change paths, because while domains are dynamic, file paths are not. Fuck me.

Subversion is currently trying to add 999 files to the repo and it's not happy about it.


Comment Re:xfce (Score 1) 2

I've been using XFCE for years and it's hard to go to anything else.

I just installed Bodhi Linux which features Enlightenment, and so far... I hate it. Not only is it non-intuitive, it is buggy. I think I will be installing XFCE again.

Still love some of the KDE apps though - Konqueror for file browsing, K3b, Konsole, Kuickshow (RIP - Gwenview is just a little too heavy for me). But I can run those from XFCE.
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Journal Journal: Big Trouble in Little Autonomy

Autonomy's IDOL server is causing us problems again. Probably not as many problems as HP, but problems nonetheless.

Firstly, we're running into INDEX QUEUE FULL exceptions possibly nightly. They're filling up our exception log database, and causing data to be lost. It seems to be happening between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. Weird.


Journal Journal: Exploring Teradata for Signs of Life 2

First of all, as I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to talk about archiving my Slashdot journal to my Google Docs (Drive, whatever) account.


I moved all one 128 posts by hand to a Google Drive folder. Lots of copy/pasting. Now all my text is searchable within my Drive account, which I think is awesome. I still like being able to troll through old entries on Slashdot, but if /. should ever abandon me (God forbid), at least I have liberated my data.

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Journal Journal: Hey, Boooooodhi!

Well, I'm officially a nerd again.

After almost 3 years of living it up as a playboy - which has been mostly awesome, mind you - I have returned to my roots. Whilst undergoing my transition, I all but dropped my geeky background in favor of hard drinking and rough sex. But now I've met a beautiful girl who gets me, and thus, the conquest for conquests has come to a halt and now I need another hobby. I really have missed my projects.

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Journal Journal: Autonomous Love Hate

We use Autonomy's IDOL search engine extensively at work and have become sort-of experts on it. Well, to a point. See, Autonomy don't give out help and documentation all willy-nilly. You've got to pester the shit out of them to get anything useful.

Their documentation is shit. There's like, a 500 page PDF of server operations, but good luck with developer documentation. There's not so much as Javadocs for their API.

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