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Journal Journal: It's All Good

Brian has left the building!

Yep, I'm a few days late on this, but I'm done working for Uncle Pete. That is, in the direct sense. Now I'm working for his little sister, Seline. If this doesn't make sense, don't worry. I'm just trying to keep it vague enough to write about.

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Journal Journal: RPM Purgatory

Well here's a fuckin' update for ya!

I am progressing with OPERATION: GITFO slowly but surely. Some days I just have no motivation to do anything, so I don't. But some days are perfect for work; It's quiet, I'm well rested, I've got ample coffee, and it's QUIET.

What is really helping is having New Guy take over the bullshit tickets I get every day. That is helping immensely.

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Journal Journal: Ugghhh Mondays

There are some days when I walk into work and I know it is going to be hell. Usually it's because I'm tired, I wake up late, and I made a bunch of changes on Friday that are now coming around on Monday to bite me.

Today fits that bill.

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Journal Journal: Consulting Is Bullshit

So I started a consulting gig a while back to design a website for a psychotherapist.

Many months later, she's finally wanting to get on with it. This isn't the first consulting job I've offered to do where the client flaked. Super annoying. Anyway, I guess we might be getting on with it.

So we have an account on Host Gator. You don't get SCP or anything cool like that. Just FTP. So I'm finding I'm having trouble remembering how to auto-login to FTP on Linux. So here's how:

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Journal Journal: Catching Up

Man, it seems that I come back to /. every so often (years) to see that I haven't updated my journal in that long.

Sad, really.

This journal holds a lot of memories, as well as some good knowledge, should I need to revisit a particular issue at any point. It also reminds me of my ingenuity at times. I come back and read something 4 years old and I'm like, "I was a smart motherfucker back then."


Firefox 3.6.4 Released With Out-of-Process Plugins 261

DragonHawk writes "Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 went to general release today. The big new feature in this release is out-of-process plugins (OOPP). This means things like Flash, Java, QuickTime, etc., all run in separate processes, so when Flash decides to crash, it won't take your browser out with it. If Flash starts consuming all the CPU it can find, you can kill it without nuking your browser session. I've been using this feature since it was in the 'nightly build' stage, and it was still more stable than 3.6.3, just because Flash was isolated." And reader Trailrunner7 supplies another compelling reason to download 3.6.4: "Security researcher Michal Zalewski has identified a problem with the way Firefox handles links that are opened in a new browser window or tab, enabling attackers to inject arbitrary code into the new window or tab while still keeping a deceptive URL in the browser's address bar. The vulnerability, which Mozilla has fixed in version 3.6.4, has the effect of tricking users into thinking that they're visiting a legitimate site while instead sending arbitrary attacker-controlled code to their browsers."

Google Voice Opens To All 185

An anonymous reader writes "Google Voice is now open to anyone in the US, removing the need to search for an invite. At the Google Voice site, anyone with a US IP address and a US phone number can sign up for an account. Non-US IPs are blocked, and non-US-based phone numbers are prevented from attaching to Google Voice (with the single odd exception of the 403 area code of southern Alberta)." Good timing on the part of Frontier Communications Corp., which just filed a lawsuit claiming that the Google Voice feature connecting a user's home, work, and cell phone numbers to another number infringes one of their patents.
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Journal Journal: Life Is Hard 2

I am attempting to straighten out my fucking life.

On the surface, everything seems great. I'm a CS/Math graduate working for a Fortune 500 company doing web infrastructure and development. I'm not in
too bad of shape, fairly good looking, and people seem to like me.

But, dig a little deeper, and you'll see that things are teetering on disaster at any given minute.

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Journal Journal: Time Wasted Debating What's Kosher

I'm fucking sitting here debating with myself over whether it's cool to send out a bit.ly shortened URL of an internal website or not.

I mean, for fuck's sake, what the hell could be wrong with it?!

But that's the mentality here. God forbid you step outside the red tape. I want to use technology. I want to stay current on things. I want to shine.
But it's hard to shine when you're covered in red tape. This is bullshit.

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Journal Journal: Waste of a Day

Instead of spending the day coding, I was stuck troubleshooting a
support case. These are my least favorite days.

The support case in question was about writing barcode image files into
a cfdocument.

But the page made a cfhttp call to the page the wrote the image file to
disk, then included it using an img tag. This made it hard to debug.

After enough fucking around with cflog, I narrowed it down to this

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Journal Journal: Operation Obsolescence

Some people are a waste of space. And we know that the only thing keeping them there, always in our way, is the fact that there is a need for them. We love to hate them, but goddamnit, there is a need for them.

Enter Operation Obsolescence. If we can eliminate the need, in theory, that person should simply go away.

We begin by describing the mark's responsibilities:

The Media

Newsday Gets 35 Subscriptions To Pay Web Site 177

Hugh Pickens writes "In late October, Newsday put its web site behind a pay wall, one of the first non-business newspapers to take the pay wall plunge, so Newsday has been followed with interest in media circles anxious to learn how the NY Times own plans to put up a pay wall may work out. So how successful has Newsday's paywall been? The NY Observer reports that three months into the experiment only 35 people have signed up to pay $5 a week to get unfettered access to newsday.com. Newsday's web site redesign and relaunch reportedly cost about $4 million and the 35 people who've signed up have earned Newsday about $9,000. Still publisher Terry Jimenez is unapologetic. 'That's 35 more than I would have thought it would have been,' said Jimenez to his assembled staff, according to five interviews with Newsday employees. The web project has not been a favorite among Newsday employees who have recently been asked to take a 10 percent pay cut. 'The view of the newsroom is the web site sucks,' says one staffer. 'It's an abomination,' adds another."

Antarctica Needs a Network Engineer 226

littlekorea writes "It's a little underpaid, but network engineers with a fetish for very cold weather might be interested to know that the Australian Government's Antarctic Division is seeking network engineers to manage its telephony, satellite and radio comms in Antarctica. According to the job FAQ, summer temperatures aren't a lot colder than your average data centre. But winters of -30 degrees celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) might make the morning jog a little challenging."

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