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Submission + - Two convicted in for refusal to decrypt data

jm007 writes: There's a story in The Register dated 11th August 2009 about the first convictions in Britain for 'refusing to provide authorities with their encryption keys.' This has interesting implications in the USA considering the right against self-incrimination.

Comment Re:I'm guessing (Score 1, Insightful) 213

You're right... correct grammar and spelling are overrated with respect to effective communication.

Just a bit of friendly sarcasm there, but really, you seem to make the reader's inability to decipher poor writing/typing as the reason the message was lost. I myself had to read over it multiple times with some trial and error as to what was intended and eventually I figured it out. God help anyone who doesn't speak English natively.

More than a few sentences of that and screw it, I won't bother trying. That's unfortunate since the post was relevant and added to the conversation; but let's not downplay the GP's culpability in this mis-communication.

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