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Comment Re:Geoworks (Score 1) 361

reminds me of pre-OS X Macs--on the extremely rare occasions i have to boot OS 9 on bare metal, I'm always amazed by how much more responsive it is, on a single 300MHz core, than Snow Leopard is on 16 3GHz+ cores with more RAM than that box has disk space. (right up to the Type 2 bomb, failed attempt at typing "g finder" into the interrupt box, and four-minute reboot....)

Comment Re:No he didn't (Score 1) 311

That said, none of these categories explain the use (I was referring to the title) of quotes around "too intrusive". Context clues still indicate to a reader that this is a direct quote, but he did not say it.

someone (either Unknown Lamer or jfruh, i suppose) probably picked it up from newspapers, where it's mostly a libel shield: "Celebrity X 'abusive'" is a much safer headline to print than "Celebrity X abusive". It's supposed to be a quote from a statement referenced in the article, though, so this was definitely not a correct instance of that use.

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