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Comment Re:No he didn't (Score 1) 311

That said, none of these categories explain the use (I was referring to the title) of quotes around "too intrusive". Context clues still indicate to a reader that this is a direct quote, but he did not say it.

someone (either Unknown Lamer or jfruh, i suppose) probably picked it up from newspapers, where it's mostly a libel shield: "Celebrity X 'abusive'" is a much safer headline to print than "Celebrity X abusive". It's supposed to be a quote from a statement referenced in the article, though, so this was definitely not a correct instance of that use.

Comment Re:Ya know.. (Score 1) 890

There's a reason why they put free speech in the first amendment.

actually it was originally the third. the first two were something about allotting Representatives (technically outstanding, but completely irrelevant now) and the one about congress not being able to vote themselves an instant pay raise (finally ratified in 1992 as the 27th). go read it for yourself: here's the original version.

Comment Re:Marathon and the Halo Series (Score 1) 105

There's plenty of Marathon homages in the original Halo (haven't yet played 2 or 3 myself). First, look on Captain Keyes's uniform for the Marathon symbol at the game's starting adventure on the bridge.

similarly, look at the center of the original Halo logo, just between the 'A' and the 'L'--there it is again.

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