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Comment Re:It wasn't time (Score 4, Funny) 663

Microsoft: "What's that Money? Time to make everyone buy windows again so you can have more friends? Of course, anything for you Money."

They would have gone the "$50 patch every 3 months" route, but Apple has too many patents covering "Process for Regularly Milking Low-Intelligence Mammals, Using A Computer".

Comment Re:Shut up and take my money (Score 2) 151

Taking into account the prices they have set for their broadband rollout trial, I'm guessing pretty darn good.

I really hope their wireless is a data only thing, giving users the choice of what voip provider to choose for their voice/text. Google talk would be an obvious choice, but skype integrates nicely with my old droid x as well.
Plus, if they don't go the "subsidized phone via 2 year slave contract" route it would help bring down handset prices to sane levels.

Comment Re:Don't let it fool you (Score 3, Interesting) 187

Modem connected to the sound card of a better machine on broadband running an emulator to go bridge it to skype, which dials another computer in the same house running an emulated modem bank connected to the house broadband.

Oh how I wish I had thought this up as a joke and not seen it in production to keep a 20 year old piece of software happy...

Comment Re:I don't even (Score 5, Insightful) 379

Pray the judge understands that type of setup wouldn't chill online innovation, it would stop it completely with no hope ever.
You couldn't even start to create anything new, because you would be committing a crime by researching how to create an illegal thing. Like someone trying to research new methods to produce meth in their garage...

Dear lord, this guy is so completely off his rocker it's no wonder the US is as fucked up as it is.

Comment Re:Cows eat Grass (Score 1) 432

Uhm, I don't know where you got your information, but we don't consider mcdonalds burgers to be steak. Nor is the "steak" in a tv dinner considered real steak.

I can right now drive down to a local butcher and get stuff that was mooing the day before, grass or corn fed. Buffalo is also possible, and if the season is right so is antelope, deer, elk, and moose. The grocery stores carry beef sourced within 300-400 miles, tending to stay local if possible.
Even the cheapy stuff I got when I lived in LA was still pretty decent and nowhere near a "congealed protein paste".

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