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Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 122

On the other hand, no Internet and sucky electronics :-\

Well now, that's even better. Back then they didn't know what they were missing, hence blissful ignorance. When they started seeing all these new gadgets and toys come along, it was like a new world opened up to them! And for the go-getters, they could take advantage of the new market opportunities and cash in big time! Sounds good to me.

Comment Re:The difference between Amazon and Netflix (Score 1) 504

You are quite right. I hate it when I want to order something next day and then realize that tomorrow is an "off" day. The more contiguous off days, the less advantage there is for expedited shipping. That is, the ratio of time spent en route to time spent in off days decreases to the point where next day delivery would become comparable to 5-day ground shipping. It still gets there four days quicker, but as the limit of off days approaches infinity, the four day advantage becomes increasingly negligible. It would be like waiting a year for a "next day" package to arrive, and saying, "oh, I only had to wait 365 days rather than 369 days". So you can begin to see that with more off days, you are effectively devaluing next day shipping. A crime against humanity, to be sure.

In short, I agree with your statement, and the guy above you is wrong, just plain wrong. If we are going to have another off day, it is far better to have it on such a day that the off days are as evenly spread out as possible. Consistency is usually best.


IBM's Question-Answering System "Watson" Revisited 170

religious freak writes "IBM has created and made the question answering algorithm, Watson, available online. Watson has competed in and won a majority of (mock) matches against humans in Jeopardy. Watson does not connect to the Internet to answer his questions, but rather seeks answers using many different algorithms then employs a ranking algorithm to choose the best answer." We mentioned Watson last year as well.

Comment Re:And? (Score 2, Informative) 263

While you are correct that the best bet is to simply not use the department-issued device for personal texts, the lieutenant specifically stated that the text messages would not be audited. Then they changed their minds and started auditing them. He had a reasonable expectation of privacy, it would seem.

The oral argument at the Supreme Court hearing from both sides can be read here

Submission + - Ubisoft DRM Troubles Continue

An anonymous reader writes: On Sunday, Ubisoft's authentication servers for Assassin's Creed II were down all day. Ubisoft claimed via twitter that their servers were attacked but that the problem was resolved Monday morning. However, the DRM-related problems persisted all day on Monday, as witnessed by a 28-page thread on the Ubisoft forums where customers describe being unable to connect to the authentication servers and losing hours of gameplay due to erased saved-games. (In a classy move, Ubisoft erased the original complaint thread from Sunday.)

Submission + - NASA breaks ground on new Deep Space antennas

infoMux writes: The agency's goal is to integrate all NASA communications resources into a unified, more capable network. The new antennas, known as "beam wave guide" antennas, can be used more flexibly, allowing the network to operate on several different frequency bands within the same antenna, NASA said.

Submission + - Why Microsoft is failing (

homesalad writes: There's an excellent op ed in the Times today by Dick Brass, vice president of Microsoft from 1997 to 2004, that gives some examples of why Microsoft fails to innovate even while developing some interesting products. The author blames "internecine warfare" from much of the issue, and talks about a few innovative ideas that stagnated for years because of a "dysfunctional corporate culture". Interesting reading for anyone who wonders how a profiteering, monopolistic software company can be brought down by profiteering and monopolistic departments within.

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