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Comment Re:Thank you! (Score 1) 344

They used to sell t-shirts at expos to raise money from low-rent types like me, but I've not seen them for sale for some time. There's talk on the wiki of resurrecting branded merchandise sales.

Postgres development team, if you're reading this, I lost my old ash-grey PostgreSQL shirt and would be glad to buy a replacement from you.

Comment Re:Scientology is a dangerous cult (Score 1) 464

It merely states that some sections of the church hold less or more strongly to the 39 articles [].

Yes, that's what the post which you contradicted said: "certain-Anglicans believe it's not "symbolically" eating his flesh, it's really eating his flesh".

For reference the 39 articles would be like the constitution of the church. I suggest you read the one of the Lord's supper (XXVIII).

While technically correct that the Lutheran church does not hold to the doctrine of transubstantiation, they do hold to a doctrine that says that bread and the wine are literally the body and blood of christ.

Yes, that's right, (XXVIII) "Of the Lord's Supper." , which states "the Bread which we break is a partaking of the Body of Christ; and likewise the Cup of Blessing is a partaking of the Blood of Christ."? Article XXVIII condemns transubstantiation but is read by many Anglicans as supporting sacramental union or consubstantiation, as articulated by Luther. It would be a bit pedantic then, to say that Lutherans believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist, but that Anglicans do not.

Comment Re:This article seems to be anti-hacker (Score 1) 370

"Names convey meanings; our choice of names determines the meaning of what we say. An inappropriate name gives people the wrong idea. A rose by any name would smell as sweet - but if you call it a pen, people will be rather disappointed when they try to write with it. And if you call pens "roses", people may not realize what they are good for. If you call these people Crackers, that conveys a mistaken idea of their origin, history, and purpose. If you call them GNU/Crackers, that conveys (though not in detail) an accurate idea."

Comment Re:free beats fee most of the time (Score 3, Insightful) 361

I'm curious: if you're not interested in something as "low end" as systems administration, then why would you be interested in a Slashdot discussion on VMware and BSD jails? :-)

And nobody's asking you to memorize what LTSP stands for. Just double-click the text in Firefox, right-click and choose search. So much quicker and more effective than asking everyone to spell out abbreviations. It's a win-win!

Comment Re:free beats fee most of the time (Score 5, Funny) 361

True, he might have been talking about the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia . There is a certain ambiguity there. :-)

Welcome to Slashdot, "News for Nerds". You may find that its readers tend to use lots of initialisms, acronyms and computer slang, especially when discussing computing issues. If you like everything spelled out and linked for you, then you might prefer to read CNET instead.

BTW (by the way), CNET doesn't appear to stand for anything but CNET. :-)


Prism Glass Windows Making a Comeback 89

Steve Daley writes "Prism window glass like Luxfer was big back in the 19th century, but now it seems to be making a high-tech comeback in Japan, where several companies are commercializing similar technology that gets enough natural light into factories and offices to do away with electric lighting. It's easy on the pocket and the planet."

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