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Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 1013

Presumably when you're cleaning a firearm you have rendered it inoperable before point the muzzle all over the place. Rule I becomes irrelevant (okay it's loaded but it's not going to fire so BFD), and Rule II...so if it magically fired while you were cleaning it, you would be willing to take the responsibility for that (and it would also be assumed that you're not being a dick and pointing the gun at a kid or your spouse as you're cleaning it).

Comment Re:Spanish (Score 1) 514

All ze Germans I know does speak the good English and they do better than me a writing the words of the text most properly. ;p

As an aside, the worst butchers of the English language are Indians (like, from India). I can only assume that this is somehow in retaliation for the hundred plus years of British rule. I once started grammar checking one of their documents and very quickly had more red ink than text.

Comment Re:programming (Score 1) 224

C# has the added benefit (for a Windows Admin) of being able to easily import and manipulate COM+ objects. Basically if it can be automated in Windows there's a COM+ API for it somewhere. Excel sheets, databases, you name it. Plus if you need .NET or actual Win32 API (*shudder*) you can hack that in too. Double plus added bonus: C# is syntactically similar to Java so if you need to go all platform independent on something a lot of the concepts will transfer nicely.

Comment Re:Eheh and his mother was sane? (Score 1) 1719

That small .223 is great for varmints such as groundhog - generally the same person will own one or more larger deer rifles, like a 30-30 or a 30-06.

Umm...that "small" .223 with all that powder behind it will absolutely redmist a groundhog, squirrel or similar small game. They're more reasonably used for small deer, coyotes, wolves, and maybe down as small as foxes. Now a standard .22LR (or hell, even a short .22, if you're using a lever action instead of a semi-auto) is your basic small game gun. Close in size, *vast* differences in muzzle velocity.

Comment Re:Eheh and his mother was sane? (Score 1) 1719

You are wrong on several counts:

1) This kid had mental issues since birth. He had Aspergers and difficulty dealing with others and was a problem kid his whole life.

2) The mother bought these guns to teach her kid how to shoot so he could learn about responsibility. Talk about the stupidest fucking thing you can think of to teach a mentally ill kid responsibility...

3) It's the mother's responsibility to make sure her mentally ill child does not have access to deadly weapons. You can't blame a nut for their actions when everyone knows he's got major problems. If she felt the need to have guns, she should have properly secured them such that he could not get access to them. (Maybe that should be a law?)

In short, his mom was completely irresponsible. If she weren't dead, I'd say she should be prosecuted (at least for being a complete fucking moron).

A couple of things about your points:

1) Fuck you. Asperger's is not the root cause here. Most Aspies and Autisics are completely non-violent

2) Agreed, that was dumb.

3) I do still blame the nut for pulling the trigger, but the mom definitely had a responsibility to secure her weapons and failed to do so. Still the bulk of the blame is on the psycho for his own actions.

Comment Re:it tells you one thing, at least (Score 1) 1719

How come that these kinds of accidents never happen in Switzerland where guns are really abundant, but 99% of the gun related deaths are suicide (1% is made up from unintentional, homicide or remains undetermined).

We're not so far off the mark though. 65%-70% of gun deaths in this country are by suicide, and your are 5x as likely to die in a car accident than be killed by someone else with a gun.

Comment Re:It's not terrible (Score 1) 675

Who actually starts their PDF reader in any other way than through clicking on a .pdf, or selecting "open" as the action in their web browser?

In all fairness, he did say Adobe Acrobat (the expensive PDF maker), not Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free and only reads them). If you're actually generating content then you may very well start with a blank file and run Acrobat from the icon.

Comment Re:3 month rule (Score 1) 675

I think the most complaint about Win 8 is the Metro/desktop context switch. In other words, people are more comfortable with having everything jammed under the familiar "Start" button, since that is where everything has been for almost 20 years. After using Win 8 for a few minutes on proper hardware, I became very used to the context switch. In a way, it serves as a way of convenient way categorizing apps. Multi-function, multi-window work = desktop. Singular task, single window touch centric apps = metro.

Which would be all well and good if I could stay on the fucking desktop and pick which program to run next. The start menu was seamless in this respect. Bringing up the metro menu is a non-option (far too jarring). So my options are a). 3rd party software to hack back in the same functionality I used to have for free b). clutter the hell out of my desktop/quick launch/taskbar or c). shut up and eat the shit Microsoft is shoveling at us.

Also, it's a complete non-starter in enterprise environments for the very simple fact that new apps only appear on the Metro screen of the person who installed them. So if a tech installs, say, Microsoft Office, then only the tech gets the Office app tiles in Metro. Everybody else has to know that Office was installed, go to all apps, pin it *one by one* onto their Metro screen and fix up their UI before they can use the app. That's not as big a deal for dedicated computers, I guess (though training 1000+ users on how to do that would be a clusterfuck of epic proportions), but on shared computers especially it would be hell. Unless a service pack or update fixes this colossal screwup by Microsoft, I won't be able to recommend Win8 to our company...ever.

Comment Re:How likely are they to hear the case? (Score 1) 146

Tradition, and threats from the president/congress are basically all that keep them acting the way they do now.

Well that's the thing. They're appointed for life so there's very little congress or the president could do to impact them. Theoretically they could be impeached, though that's only actually been done once (in 1805, and he was acquitted by the senate). To actually remove the justice in question from office forcibly would require 2/3's of the senate to agree on it. Unless the justice in question has gone completely off the reservation, good luck with that. No, of all political offices in the land, that of Supreme Court Justice is among the most secure. It's by design so that they can render unpopular, but impartial, decisions without fear of retribution.

Comment Re:It seems "clean" ... (Score 1) 384

More likely the fun of autocorrect got you, I don't know how many times I got texts from customers where I go "WTH does this mean?" for them to go "That wasn't what I was trying to type!". You should check out the website devoted to it some time there are some hilarious bloopers on there.

My favorite was on my Android when I was sending a message to a co-worker named "Veronica" and it auto-corrected to "Erotica".

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