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Comment Re:(0.999...)st Post! (Score 1) 1260

I've never seen the floor function defined as "just take the integer part", since this is wrong for negative numbers. It's usually written as "the greatest integer that is less than or equal to the given number", which would work correctly for 0.999... and other repeating decimals.

Comment Re:But what you did is flawed (Score 2, Informative) 1260

No, you're missing the whole point. 1/3 is exactly equal to 0.333... with an infinite number of trailing digits. It's not an approximation or an estimate, it is two ways of representing the exact same real number.

Here's how you convince yourself: If 1/3 was really close but not quite 0.333..., then we could split the difference between those numbers and find another real number between them. But we can't, which means we were wrong to assume that 1/3 and 0.333... were distinct.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 709

Read it again. There's a comment about the FCC followed by a question about government regulations that doesn't mention the FCC. Your interpretation is that the poster was only talking about FCC regulations since he mentioned them in the previous sentence, the other interpretation is that the poster was generalizing from the FCC to all government regulations. I think both interpretations are valid, but quoting only part of the message to make it seem like your interpretation is the right one is poor form.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 4, Insightful) 292

It's more like yelling at your neighbor across the street, and then getting upset when someone driving by overhears it. With unencrypted traffic on a wireless network you are quite literally broadcasting information to the world. The argument that someone is the intended recipient and everyone else needs to pretend they didn't hear it is bullshit.

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