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Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 0) 388

You're arguing that freedom and capitalism are good. I'm not sure why you're doing that.

Things like capitalism and socialism don't exist in a pure, undistilled form. At least not in our lifetime. Arguably never. Even when the US was run by Ronald Reagan, even when Ayn Rand followers were running the Fed., the US was STILL a mixed economy.

If you want freedom and non-government intervention, you might get it if you move to Somalia. That's your only choice these days.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 320

Interesting thought, though I would expect the difference to be one of magnitude. That is, if cell phones cause cancer, recent ubiquity would cause *more* cancer than the relatively less common use of them years ago. But I would expect there to be a measured, statistically significant increase regardless.

Unless you think it works like a sort of critical mass where you aren't at an increased risk until it gets to a certain level

Comment Re:Deliberately bad? (Score 1) 279

No no no. Do you know how Carbon offsets work?

My company spews out X amount of carbon a year. My Government puts a limit to Y amount of Carbon a year. Since it's detrimental to my business (reducing client base) to reduce my carbon output, I can purchase Carbon offsets so that some of my money goes towards greener projects. Thus I keep my clients Happy and I meet government regulation.

Depends on the industry. Some industries you can only trade the offsets between other players in the industry - i.e. the government sets a max for the amount of carbon offsets issued; so everyone trades until they are happy. People not producing much in terms of carbon can get extra funding by selling (or leasing out) their spare carbon offsets to those that need it for whatever reason.

Comment Re:DVD Sales Gap (Score 2, Interesting) 378

For instance, take trying to download a movie from Sony's PS3 store. You'll only ever make that mistake once. You could have a 10 petabyte internet connection and it would still take you 16 hours to download a TV episode from them because they won't send you the file at anywhere near a reasonable speed.

You must have a different PS3 store than the one I use. Mine gets me a 30 minute TV episode in about 10 minutes, max. And I can start watching it as soon as I start downloading it. Very nice.

Comment Re:A Question (Score 1) 232

The more digits that prime numbers have, the further apart adjacent primes are.

That's not actually true. As numbers get larger you'll get longer composite runs, but you'll still find prime constellations between some of those runs. If what you say was true, the twin prime conjecture would be closed with a "Myth: BUSTED!" sticker on it, instead of open with overwhelming evidence in its favor.

Comment Re:Theres one technical point (Score 1) 620

Good catch. The other thought that occurs to me now is that the rule could have simply been "if specifying a port number, you must also specify the protocol." Now there's no ambiguity in any case.

It should also be noted that in the alternate universe where URLs look like, we'd be having this conversation on That alone is reason enough not to have done things this way.

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