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Comment Re:Cap & Trade = Energy Rationing (Score 1) 874

Bingo -- thanks dc29A, I was just about to make the post having just read that Tabbi piece.

Folks, if you haven't yet read that Rolling Stone PLEASE DO. This is the next CDS massive wealth transfer for GS and other investment banks, and it's being billed as this wonderful green gift with a giant green bow.

This is no joke folks -- wake up, the people are being robbed in broad daylight now.

Comment Re:Is there possibly anything we can do? (Score 0, Troll) 1870

By showing our distaste and by acting against those foreign companies in boycotting their products in our own countries, by pressuring our governments to also stop catering to these companies there is still a lot we can do.

The court may be Swedish, the defendants may be Swedish, the site may even be Swedish, but the companies and groups pushing the prosecution as well as the result of the prosecution most certainly are not purely Swedish and it is against these that we can act.

The biggest lunacy present in the "hey, US laws don't apply on foreign soil" argument in the piracy defense argument is that all the bloody content that's pirated isn't Swedish!

How hard is it for piraters to understand that certain films and music won't be as prevalent if the profit incentives are zero? People don't work for free and resources (sometimes a TON) are consumed for these works to be made!

I'm a cofounder of a small software company that makes entertainment software and we have definitive, crystal clear data that shows how we've been hit by piracy--almost to the point of putting us out of business.

Engineers, artists, and writers work their hearts out to make copyrighted content and software, and it's absurd that their work can be illegally obtained simply because it's technologically possible.

By the same logic of the pro-piracy people, cloning someone in the future won't require the subject's permission since it doesn't hurt the subject. We need to do a reality check on the ownership of the creative works.

Comment Re:Hardcore and Potions... (Score 1) 173

Totally. There's two and only two kinds of Diablo players: Softcore players who *think* they're playing and having fun and the hardcore players. It's cocky--I know--but every sure every other HC player stands by my here.

I'm thinking that they'll have HC mode simply because it's a such trivial add for them. In fact, I'm sort of nervous because I'm likely to run my personal life into the abyss if this game has HC mode. Of all things, I'm thinking of avoiding D3 because I'm fearful of fucking up my life! Yikes!

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