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Comment How do you do it when dreaming? (Score 1) 44

I would imagine the most intuitive interface is what you do to move objects when dreaming. For instance when I want to pull an object toward me, I focus on it, then tug an invisible rope quickly as to whip it back. I also push my hand outward holding my palm out as to say "stop" to push it away. Somewhere in our heads we already know what will work

Comment Cant stop the Robocaller (Score 1) 281

I am constantly getting robocalls from "Card Services" at the phone number 775-410-1104. I haven't ever owned a credit card. I've tried my best to try and get information so that I can do something about it, but they hang up as soon as they think you are on to them. You can't call the number back. Is there anyway to nail this entity?

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