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Comment Re:They should give people 1mo free HBO to make up (Score 3, Interesting) 202

Ah yes. is notorious for this. Call up, complain, get it fixed, then "We would like to offer you a free copy of x", which is actually a subscription auto-billed to your credit card. They will only take a hang up as an affirmative no. I started just paying the few bucks for

Comment Re:How does cuba have an embargo (Score 3, Insightful) 325

I haven't seen a "Made in Thailand" mark in, it has to be, 15 years. I just looked around at everything in my immediate vicinity, and it is almost all "Made in China", except for this pad of sticky notes that is "Made in USA" and my shoes which are "Made in Philippines"

Comment Re:In my experience, yes it does (Score 1) 332

You are viewing it from one perspective and putting too much faith in that one data point. It reminds me of my daughter when she is doing something dangerous and I tell her "You are going to get hurt!"... "But I didn't!"

You are viewing pot, like a drug, as in cocaine-meth-style drug, rather than say, caffiene. A cup or three of coffee can be a godsend, but drinking pots throughout the day will kill you in more ways than one. Don't like that comparison? One vitamin is good. Six are not.

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