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Comment Re:Innocuous Uses (Score -1, Troll) 89

It's a lot of things, including foreign intervention in local politics by, dare I say it, the CIA and other western intelligence agencies. And do you really think any kind of local authority beyond that of an Israeli military state could defend their territorial waters against a Chinese ship dumping nuclear waste?

Comment Re:Innocuous Uses (Score 0, Troll) 89

I don't know much about the Somalis. I do know that Al Qaida was created and bankrolled by the CIA as a response to the Soviets in Afghanistan (and secondarily as a kind of "get even" strategy for Russian actions in Vietnam), so I really don't think "some responsibility" quite covers it.

As for terrorism, you can either believe that some guy in a mountain cave engineered an operation that totally confounded the combined military defences of the United States of America or you can believe that the handlers of that guy in the cave rolled out the red carpet for that operation and not only made it possible but to a large extent made it happen.

Now there are folks here who will immediately make ad hominem attacks on any suggestion that the world according to Katie Couric isn't quite how it really is in the real world. But what an intelligent citizen has to keep in mind is that this new technology isn't going to help prevent any kind of attack any more than the technology that was already in place on 911--including a ban on box cutters!--if the powers that be see a political or monetary advantage in such an attack.

Comment Quack Quack (Score 0, Offtopic) 1127

"I was going to bring this up myself. "Yes, THEY can murder thousands of people both here and abroad, but YOU cannot accidentally fart in public without them wanting to lock you up for the rest of your life. "What just blew me away last night watching a video from PilotsFor911Truth was that the NTSB simulation agrees with the interviews done by the guys at NationalSecurityAlert, that the plane at the Pentagon followed a northerly flight path that could not possibly have knocked over the light poles. The only folks who were out of step on this were the 911 Commission. Add to this the failure to reset the altitude gauge in the simulation upon descent and you have the plane at 400+ feet, flying OVER the Pentagon and not into it." Moderators are idiots.

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