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Comment There won't be an end to insurance (Score 5, Insightful) 648

There are too many other things insurance pays for besides hitting another car. For example hail storm damage, tree falling on your car or an unavoidable cow jumping in front of you on a bind corner. Not to mention cruising at 50 miles an hour and hitting an ice patch or getting hit by that guy who still actually likes to "drive" his truck.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 1) 580

My kid is in the fourth grade, each day I send him off to school I feel like I'm pimping him out. They almost always have some fundraiser packet that I'm suppose to devote my personal time taking my kid out and try to sell nonsensical bullshit to strangers. Since that isn't happening, the shit gets thrown away. Use the the money that they have, on the things that matter most and they would find that they have plenty of money to spend.

Comment Re:When I make Taco breathe hard... (Score 3, Informative) 963

So it's going back to where the Earth was originally. Great, so we humans are are actually restoring the Earth to how it was suppose to be. You see Earth had a methane atmosphere before these oxygen polluting plants and microbes started growing on Earth. I saw that on "The Universe". I'm so smart now.

Comment Another slashdot climate change article (Score 0) 963

You only have to look at anti-corporate communists, one world government bandwagon jumpers, U.N take our country over maggots, to know that you could lock such people in a warehouse full of evidence contradictory to their worldviews and they'd still champion it. I really don't see climate change knee jerker's being any different.

Submission + - Laws of physics trumps traffic law. (

HeLLFiRe1151 writes: Here's a practical application for your physics education: using math to successfully beat a traffic ticket in court. Dmitri Krioukov, a physicist based at the University of California San Diego, did just that to avoid paying a fee for (purportedly) running a stop sign.

Krioukov not only proved his innocence, but he also posted a paper detailing his argument online on the arXiv server

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