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Comment Re:One small step for man (Score 1) 395

You must not get out much. Sorry, for that. Do you usually make so many unsubstantiated claims in a single paragraph? I mean seriously, how can Obama not be a socialist? I could have fallen out of my chair laughing and sued you for being so ignorant. I must have missed the world wide poll on "unfettered capitalism". Out of curiosity, where did the Taiwan place? As for "melt down of the USA financial sector", wouldn't you try to make some money on risky debt that was FORCED upon you by someone else? No, you're a liberal who would just suck it up as usual, then bitch that it's not enough to support yourself.

Submission + - Seti's Hat Creek Observatory will close (

HeLLFiRe1151 writes: Astronomers at the SETI Institute in Northern California announced that it has been forced to stop operations at the Allen Telescope Array, a field of more than 40 radio dishes that scan the skies for communications from aliens .

The array began scanning for signals from extraterrestrial life in October of 2007, and SETI planned to eventually expand the project to 350 dishes, covering 90 square miles. But financial constraints are forcing the institute's astronomers to put the array into hibernation.

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